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What is the equipment for parkour?

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When parkour was first emerging as a sport, park runners were still dressed in ordinary tracksuits sweatshirts or long sleeves, most notably in DavidBelle's 2004 film Violent Streets, in which David's costume was the most common outfit worn by early park runners.


l Parkour shoes:

l Definition and characterization of the overall costume style:


Parkour shoes:

Parkour shoes should land with adequate cushioning but never give the feet the feeling of instability, otherwise the feet will expend more energy trying to maintain stability in the shoe than landing on it, in fact this is the most important reason why so many shoes hurt the feet.

Parkour shoes should not deprive the foot of the sensation of various ground or contact planes, if landing on concrete or landing on grass you can only feel the sole material and nothing else, they are not suitable for parkour. In fact, the Feiyue shoes are really good in this respect, but they are too narrow and prone to blisters.

If a pair of shoes protects your feet and doesn't overburden you, but is as light as a barefoot trainer, it's a good shoe.

In addition to meeting the above functions, shoes should never be too complicated, as they should never replace the function of the feet. If they give too much protection, the feet will not be adequately exercised, the relevant muscles will atrophy and the overall function of the person will decline.


Definition and characterization of the overall costume style:

Through nearly a decade of development, parkour costumes have been broadly defined. The main ones are the following genres.

1. "British style" represented by Kai, Toby and others. The style of clothing is somewhere between casual and sporty, emphasize sportiness without losing its sense of style. Its signature representatives are fat and thin trousers, and long and short sleeves that fit well.

2. "GUP", led by the Spanish GUP team, has a strong street style, with fat trousers and oversized tops to emphasize the flow and flexibility of GUP movements, while the overall size of the clothing can also compensate for some of the flaws in the movements.

The "Latvian" style, with its exaggerated crotch height and fat trousers, gives the illusion of an Arabian costume, and the overall style of the costume is extremely windy in terms of movement, so that people wearing this style have the illusion of extremely large movements, especially in the straight and turning movements. The style is particularly pronounced in straight and spinning movements.

4. personal style, which refers to the costumes of some benchmark figures, such as Daniel, Shade, Jason and others, with a strong label, so much so that sometimes a silhouette of a costume can make the audience guess who it is.

5. cos, as the name suggests, to imitate the style of the game or anime, most commonly Assassin's Creed and Spider-Man, usually seen in promotional videos for the game or anime, and of course if you frequent Comic-Con, you may also see parkour cosplaying on the floor.

The "school uniform party" is a style of costume for the majority of students in China. The overall feel of the costume is like the early days of parkour, but the practicality is quite good.If you want to know more about our professional Trampoline Park products, you can contact us at any time.


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