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What is the future of climbing walls

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What is the future of climbing walls? The commercial value of rock climbing will be further explored in 2020 with its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Rock climbing will break people's traditional impression of sports and bring a new sports experience.


This article contains the following:

The history of climbing walls

Recent developments of climbing walls

The trends of climbing walls

1、The history of climbing walls

In the past, climbers surrounded by acres of untrodden rock, their hands covered in gymnastic chalk to improve their grip, their muscles taut in the air, arguing furiously about the route ahead. There are so many questions hanging over climbers about whether they can reach the top, how to protect themselves, and which position is the safest and most efficient. Today, the sheer number of climbers is sure to surprise them. More surprisingly, many of them prefer to climb indoor walls on dedicated artificial walls rather than rock walls. Climbing is no longer a game for the brave, indoor climbing walls greatly reduce the threshold of climbing, so that it becomes a good sport for adults and children to work out.


2、Recent developements of climbing walls

Indoor climbing wall is a trend while more and more people, especially young people, are taking part in it.The data collected from the world's most important markets certainly bear this out.In the United States, the number of newly opened climbing walls grew between 6 and 13 percent each year from 2010 to 2017.In France, growth was between 6 and 24 per cent a year over the same period.But the biggest boom is in Germany, where it is growing by 10-27% a year.Compared with repetitive sports like running and swimming, rock climbing, which requires not only a strong body but also a certain amount of strategy, can bring a greater sense of achievement.


Indoor climbing is increasingly different from rock climbing: it applies to the space and appearance of a climbing gym.In the past, the indoor climbing walls were copied as naturally as possible. Today, many climbing sites are moving further and further away from the original climb, and the greatest growth potential of indoor climbing lies in cities away from mountains.Crazy destinations, such as the climbing gym in an empty old factory building in an industrial area, are the best.They attract many people who have so far had nothing to do with climbing.


With the development of artificial climbing wall technology, people tend to customize the climbing wall according to their needs.In the United States, 74 percent of indoor climbing offers a variety of activities.In France, 68 percent of people focus on bouldering.Soft climbing walls make climbing walls for children and beginners safer. For fun, indoor climbing walls is more like a moving puzzle, best solved through creative exercise without exerting too much raw force.This play elements from the traditional focus on the way to climb the peak gradually get rid of, like modern swimming pool facilities from the pirate ship, made the wave machine and waterways in fun rides borrowed, the walls of the future will no longer be imitate outdoor experience, but through associated jump, obstacles challenges and to create your own unique vertical structure of the world moving.While much of this evolution will be aimed at the average user, the importance of climbing walls for the best stages of climbing is likely to grow further.


3、The trends of climbing walls

New techniques will give rock climbing a new look.Even minor changes in the equipment used to play the game can affect the rules that have evolved with sticky rubber gloves.The new rubber gloves, which are already selling well, help crack climbers climb, covering their entire hands and perhaps making the worst gravel slopes a viable option for the average climber.Now within reach, the gloves could spark crackles - think of measuring power between jams, or smearing the edges of a finger stitch together.This "cheating" device greatly improves the safety of climbers, while also taking away some of the fun of climbing.


Nowadays, indoor climbing walls, especially in metropolitan areas, has become a glamorous fitness activity. Some say indoor bouldering is the "new squash". Rock climbing has moved away from the traditional focus on the top and onto the avant-garde parkour style..If you want to know about Indoor Playground, Indoor Climbing Frame, Outdoor Climbing Frame, just contact us !


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