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What is the interactive game?

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Nowadays, you can see various kinds of floor interactive projection games in a commercial indoor playground, a pediatric waiting room, gaming zones. Usually, children have a low attention span, which disables a long-time engagement. Those indoor play parks have to come up with some interactive games to get a total engagement of the child. The interactive floor projector will help solve this problem. With the technique of interactive floor projector, you can provide a wide variety of interactive games for kids.


What are the advantages of interactive games?

What are the functions of interactive games?

What is the future development of interactive games?


What are the advantages of interactive games?

Different from the traditional indoor play structures, the biggest advantage of interactive games lies in their interactivity. Instead of just playing in a confined space, children are able to exercise more freely throughout their bodies. Interactive projector games are hot nowadays, which not only attract popularity but also keep the children entertained and even turn back and play many times.

Interactive games can keep children interested. Watching you engage on the screen will keep those who might have difficulty concentrating. Even better, an interactive projector game gives others the chance to participate. There are several benefits for children when hands-on learning and interactive learning are used. For some children, interactive projector games help them absorb information more easily.

Interactive games can get creative for children. You can create educational games, fun learning competitions between children.

Interactive games can create teamwork. Using an interactive projector game is a fantastic way to create teamwork in the classroom or to bond people together. Since creativity is endless when using one of these interactive projector games, children can make interactive team building projects or create team assignments. Collaborative learning can be an enjoyable way to learn new subjects.

Interactive games can have more flexibility. Interactive projector games are making topics more flexible. If children are interested, they can dig deeper into an adjacent subject.


What are the functions of interactive games?

An interactive projector game comprises two parts, namely, a whiteboard and projector which features a lens to project images. The interactive projector game is usually mounted to the ceiling or to the wall above the whiteboard and is the source of the content being displayed. The whiteboard acts as a plain screen to display the projected content.

Interactive projector games enable interaction by tracking movements, either by infrared or DLP technology.

A camera on the interactive projector game tracks the movement of an interactive pen. The pen transmits infrared light to the camera when it makes contact with the whiteboard. This movement is recorded and reflected in the projection itself. Similar to how the movements of a wireless computer mouse are reflected on the PC screen.

Interactive projector games are wall-mounted screens which display images while enabling touchscreen interaction. Interactive projector games are composed of only the display screen itself and in many ways.

Interactive projector games, by contrast, always rely on a computer connection. The more expensive models may enable a wireless connection to computers which improves convenience.


What is the future development of interactive floor projectors?

Interactive projector game is an interactive institutional tool, which makes any surface interactive. Interactive projector game eliminates the need of any type of special screen, rather it can display images on white board, projector screen or on wall directly. Interactive projector games make learning more interactive, fun and therefore more productive. Interactive projector games offer various advantages such as real time learning needs, efficient user interaction, easy integration of materials, multi touch collaboration, multi-user standards and PC-free interactivity.

The interactive projector game provides an optimal audio experience with unmatched performance. Built using the very latest technology and equipped with a dedicated control keyboard, the custom interactive floor games in extensive library come to life with razor-sharp colors and rapid responses to movement.

Interactive projector game is increasing. Global interactive projector game market is expected to grow rapidly during the period of forecast. Factors which are driving the growth of global interactive projector games market are increasing adoption of interactive projector games in playgrounds, increasing government spending on education sector, increasing adoption of e-learning & virtual learning and growing technological advancement across various application segments. On the other hand, factors which are restraining the growth of global interactive projector games market are high installation cost and lack of awareness are the few factors restraining the growth of the global interactive projector games market.


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