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What is the kinds of climbing walls

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What is the kinds of climbing walls? The proliferation of indoor climbing arenas has increased the accessibility of climbing, so climbing wall is becoming more and more popular. With better control over the environment in this case, people use their imagination to make climbing walls more fun and safe.


This article contains the following:

  • What is climbing wall

  • Different kinds of climbing walls in gy

  • Why is climbing wall popular

 1、The service life of climbing wall

Climbing wall is probably one of the best recreational activities you can do to relax, but it also has the thrill you've always wanted. So it's no surprise when someone says that rock climbing wall is considered an international extreme sport. Climbing is the use of a climber's hands and feet to climb man-made or natural structures. In the case of climbing, it is not always possible to climb natural rock structures. So to solve this problem, experts came up with the concept of a climbing wall. The climbing wall is nothing more than an artificial simulation, with a grip or grip that helps the climber scale the structure. Depending on the climber's choice, these grips can make climbing difficult or relatively easy. These walls can be made of solid brick or just wood. However, most structures today are solid planks with handles or holes drilled into them for support. Climbing walls are becoming so popular that many of them are made of metals such as aluminium and steel.


2、Different kinds of climbing walls

In order to meet the needs of climbers at different levels and for safety reasons, indoor climbing walls are mainly designed in three forms:


Bouldering does not require wiring harnesses or ropes, and the routes involved are close to the ground. The thicker crash-proof pad ACTS as a protective pad below you. Some gyms also require detergents, which can help prevent falls from hurting your head and neck. Bouldering is a great way to build skills because you can completely focus on using your strength and balance to keep yourself in shape. Novices like its simplicity. Skilled climbers enjoy the challenge of a more difficult route.


Top rope climbing is where the novice enters the world of wire harness and rope climbing. When you tie the rope at the top, the rope is attached to the overhead anchor of the gym. You're tied to one end of the rope. The other end of the rope is held by the protector, who grabs the rope and grabs you when you fall. The protective layer can be a trained staff member, a friend with protective layer certification or an automatic protective layer device.


Once you become a skilled top rope climber, the next step is lead climbing. For lead climbing, you tie one end of the rope and clip it into a series of quick pulls that have been bolted to the walls of the gym. Again, you will have a protector. Doing lead climbing indoors is very similar to doing rock climbing outdoors, except that the quick draw has been completed indoors. The challenge with climbing lead is that if you slip or miss the next quick draw, you will drop a short distance back to the previous clipped-in point. It was further and harder to fall than at the top of the rope.


3、How to manage the climbing wall

As a new sport, climbing wall is popular among people, not only because it is interesting, but also because it can be customized according to the needs of customers. Taking climbing wall for kids as an example, the wall structure is safe and reliable, with bright colors and lively modeling. The surface of the rock slab is sprayed with cartoon patterns of environmental protection materials, which is easy to attract children and is suitable for kindergarten children and primary school students. Can be used for their muscle development and hand, eye, body coordination training.In contrast, competitive climbing wall has certain climbing difficulty and strong challenge, which can meet the requirements of the competitive competition. It adopts high strength simulation composite rock slab, the designed route and difficulty is for climbing professionals, enthusiasts, as well as military, police, aerial work and other special industries training, competition.


With the vigorous development of climbing halls, more and more climbing walls appear in people's vision. Climbing combining the imagination of the brain with the coordination of the body, presents a very aesthetic form of movement, we also provide Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground.just follow us !


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