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What is the most popular indoor playground equipment?

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There are so many different types of designs at indoor playground, you may get confused by the variety of them. How can you find the best equipment that you like most?Are you sure you didn't miss something more interesting?In this article we listed the most popular indoor playground equipment, hope you know which is your love after you finish reading the passages.

The following are the most popular equipment listed below:

Merry go round

Soft play equipment

Sand pit

TPU material play event

Ball blaster


1.  Merry go round

Merry-go-round is a popular game for children to play on the indoor playground. There are many children like playing it happily. They have different functions, some are rotating, some are moving up and down, some are LED lights, and some are music. There is a sponge or inflatable base under the PVC leather to absorb any impact. This colorful and integrated game provides greater interactive and engaging gaming experience. For young children, this game has an irresistible appeal.

2. Soft play equipment

Soft play equipment makes the indoor playground more attractive and colorful, suitable for children of all ages. They can climb, slide, drill, and traverse in every game. Soft play devices can be moved and reorganized, which is why they are willing to stand for long periods of time. In fact, some big game centers just have soft game equipment. They put it in a huge ball pit to do a challenge course to encourage children to do more sports. This challenge course simulates an adult in a park. Soft play equipment in the indoor playground is a must-have product for children's play areas, so don't miss it. You can use it as a separate area or just put it on one level of the main game structure.

3. Sand pit

The sand pit is one of the independent projects in the children's indoor playground. It's very similar to a ball, but the game inside is very different. The sand is very small, so you can play trucks, forklifts, funnels, windmills, buckets, shovels, and many plastic toys. You can also put some plastic houses in it to bring a lot of fun to the children. We use Cassia instead of sand to make children clearer and healthier. Cassia is a plant fruit with small volume and smooth and shiny surface.

4. TPU material play event

TPU is a new kind of material for children's indoor playground. With this material, animals and cartoon characters of any shape and color can be made. Another advantage of TPU gaming equipment is that the surface is very soft, the overall structure will be soft, and even the hand feels better than soft gaming equipment, and special mascots can be customized with TPU materials.

5. Ball blaster

The ball blaster is one of the most popular sports in the indoor playground. . You can only place a shooting game area alone, which can place more guns, more cannons, and other ball blasters. Most customers mix ball cannons in the game structure, such as four-gun and ball cannon

6. Slides

Most indoor playgrounds have many different levels of slides, and slides are the essence of indoor rides. The longer the slide, the higher the slide, the more interesting the slide, so the higher the height of the slide, the better. You need different types of slides, even at the same level, so that children of all ages can find their own slides. The most popular slides are made of fiberglass, which can be connected together by pieces, so any length can be made.

So you know which is your child' s favorite equipment now at an indoor playground like Ball PitPlayhouse?


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