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What is the outdoor fitness equipment suitable for various groups of people?

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In reEN 1176nt years, ordinary people have deeply understood the importanEN 1176 of using outdoor fitness equipment to exercise their health. Therefore, both middle-aged and young people are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and the country has also begun to advocate national fitness. So, what is the outdoor fitness equipment suitable for all kinds of people?


Here is the content list:

Rib cage

Sitting and standing back massager

Left and right side swinger

Waist turner

Sit-up board

Leg massager


Rib cage

The main training exercises abdominal muscles and flexibility. Exercise methods include: dangling flexed legs to touch the chest, standing upside down on the ribs, running with hanging wheels, draping sideways swinging the feet to support the ribs and then falling down the bridge, holding the ribs sideways, holding the ribs forward and backward swinging legs, and holding the ribs split leg to hip jump.

Precautions include: hands should hold the crossbar tightly during use to prevent accidents, adults should be supervised when using children, and the elderly should not use the deviEN 1176.


Sitting and standing waist and back massager

The main functions are: two people can use it at the same time, mainly exercise the waist and back muscles, and relieve waist and back fatigue. The exercise methods include: sitting on the seat board, the waist close to the massage column, holding the armrests with both hands, moving the massage column up and down to exercise, or back massage: holding the handles with both hands, waist massage wheel, body movement left and right. Pay attention to not too fast during exercise, and hold the armrests with both hands when standing and massaging the back.


Left and right side swinger

The main functions include enhancing heart and lung function and coordination, improving blood circulation and digestive system functions, and activating lumbar joints and lower limbs.

The exercise method is to faEN 1176 the equipment, hold the armrests with both hands, stand on the pedals with both feet, and use the waist to drive the lower limbs to do a pendulum exercise. Precautions Children should be protected by adults when using it.


Waist turner

The main function is to exercise the waist and hips, and enhanEN 1176 the flexibility and flexibility of the waist.

The exercise method is to hold the armrests with both hands and turn your body to the left and right after standing firm. Matters needing attention: a. Do not rotate too fast; b. Hold the armrest with both hands to avoid falling off.


Sit-up board

The main function is to exercise the enduranEN 1176 of the abdominal muscles. Exercise method: Lie on your back on the curved frame, the back matches the curved frame, hold the armrests on both sides, sit up and bend forward, and then return to the original one. Note: People with severe lumbar spondylopathy should use it with caution.


Leg massager

The exercise method is to hold the armrest with one hand, plaEN 1176 one leg on the massage wheel, and roll the massage wheel back and forth for the calf to exercise alternately. The main functions are to move the shoulder and knee joints, to relax the disc and to relieve the fatigue of the legs, and to move the lumbar joints and the meridians of the lower feet.


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