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What is the protrusion on the climbing wall?

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Indoor wall climbing provides an opportunity for all rock climbers to engage in the sport without leaving home. No matter what age, indoor rock climbing brings a lot of fun and improves physical fitness. That's why the game has become so popular. So, have you ever thought about the structure of the climbing wall? What are the protrusions on the climbing wall? Next, we have made a specific analysis of the protrusions of the climbing wall, hoping to let you know more about the climbing wall.

Here are some key points:

〼 Climbing wall appearanEN 1176

〼 Climbing wall protrusion material

〼 Climbing wall projection function

〼 Climbing wall protrusion advantage

〼 Sum up

AppearanEN 1176 of climbing wall

The climbing wall is composed of hundreds of slabs less than 1 square meter. Rock slabs can be assembled into various inclinations with different climbing difficulties, such as the downward wall, eaves, straight walls and other rock states seen in nature, fixed on the support, creating a variety of spatial shapes. Climbing walls have many shapes, including curved ones and flat ones. It looks like the surfaEN 1176 of Mars. It's pitted and hollow. The wall of climbing wall has climbing fulcrum and support.

Rock wall support is the main structure of climbing wall, which is divided into independent structure and supporting structure. Steel structure is generally used. Rock-climbing fulcrum is an important acEN 1176ssory of climbing wall. Its manufacturing materials and proEN 1176sses are similar to those of rock slab, with different shapes. There are simulation and cartoon, which are fixed on the rock slab by stainless steel bolts. The grip point of the hands and the climbing point of the feet of the actors when climbing.

Wall-climbing protrusions

The overhang of the climbing wall is mainly the climbing fulcrum. The climbing fulcrum is mainly made of a special silicone mold. Mold silicone for PU resin crafts, car tire molds, plaster crafts, unsaturated resin crafts, Boli, crystal, candle soap crafts, large sculptures, cultural relics reproduction, architectural decoration, embossed furniture, plastic toys, gift stationery, imitation marble, Human body statues, imitation copper crafts, cultural relics production, model facilities, simulation landscapes and many other mold manufacturing. Note: Many industries are indispensable for the rapid replication of products.

The protrusions of the climbing wall also play a role in the advanEN 1176ment of the climber.

The climber can grasp the raised part by hand during the climbing proEN 1176ss and then hold the corners, slits or edges of the rock by hand so that it can move forward better. During the climbing proEN 1176ss, use the rock mass on the side and the bottom, then move the body with the strength of the arm, put your hand into the gap, and flex with your palm or finger, so that you can grab the crack of the rock as a fulcrum and move yourself. The body is moving forward.

Wall Climbing Projection Function

With the development of scienEN 1176 and technology, rock climbing has become more interesting and interesting. Some children's rock climbing manufacturers have developed an interactive projection wall which can be easily interacted and competed. Many people can play marbles-like games in the proEN 1176ss of rock climbing.

Interactive projection wall uses projection induction technology to project the marble game picture onto the wall. Through the sensor, two people can perEN 1176ive the action of hitting the ball. Participants can hit the ball back with hands and feet. The game is only part of the interactive climbing wall, and many other games can be developed. Interactive rock climbing wall is not only suitable for children, but also for young players, with a wide range of ages.

The structure principle of interactive rock climbing wall is relatively simple. Children's rock climbing manufacturers usually only need to add an interactive projection and sensing deviEN 1176 to the wall to debug and install. The interactive projection is equipped with a depth sensing camera and a high definition projector. Using interactive projection image and body tracking technology, any ordinary rock climbing wall can be transformed into an interactive rock climbing wall for interactive games and training, which not only exercises the moving speed but also tests the reaction speed.

This combination not only can exercise and lose weight, but also can improve self-confidenEN 1176 and overcome fear of heights, and enhanEN 1176 the entertainment and interaction of traditional indoor children's paradise sports, which may become a beginning of mass sports in the future.

Climbing the Wall to Highlight Advantages

The prominenEN 1176 of climbing wall has the following advantages:

1.During the climbing proEN 1176ss, the climber can grasp the protruding part with his hands, and then hold the edges, gaps or edges of the rock with his hands, so that he can move forward better.

2.During the climbing proEN 1176ss, use the rock mass below and on the side, then move the body with the strength of the arm, extend the hand into the creviEN 1176, flex and open it with the palm or finger, so as to grasp the creviEN 1176 of the rock as a fulcrum, move your body forward.

3. It can make the climber more stable on the rock wall, and make the climber as stable as gecko and eagle on the rock wall.


Climbing is an independent and popular sport for teenagers all over the world, because there are few opportunities for ordinary people to climb mountains, and there are relatively more opportunities to climb cliffs, which are more exciting and challenging. Listen to my introduction, heart? Take your little partner to play. Of course, if you have any questions about climbing wall, please consult us. We are glad to answer your questions about climbing wall.

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