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What is the rule of climbing wall

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What is the rule of climbing wall? Climbing walls has become more and more popular reEN 1176ntly, although climbing walls is a free sport, there are some common sense and basic etiquette rules you must know to make it easier.


This article contains the following:

The importanEN 1176 of warm-up

Common sense of climbing walls

The etiquette of climbing wall

1、The importanEN 1176 of warm-up

It's important to warm up before climbing walls. Many hobbies when engaged in sports, sports friends tend to be in good clothes or random dynamic under the two began to the sport, perhaps do not know already and the physiological side effects to the body, acute injuries (such as fracture, tendon) and chronic damage (such as fatigue fracture, joint capsule and wear) will be followed, this will not only make your short time to enjoy the fun of less than movement, more serious, may not be able to engage in the sport.Warm-up exercises are often summarized in general exercise books as part of physical training, but for rock climbers, the basic technique is recommended, with research showing that dynamic stretching is the best option. Dynamic stretching increases the flow of blood through muscles and tendons, allowing the body to move more fully and reducing the risk of injury. At the same time, the warm-up gives the psychology to prepare, guides the physiology function to operate moderately with the psychology.In climbing walls, this step is to touch the rock, to feel the faEN 1176 with your hands and feet, and to prepare your mind for the exercise.

2、Common sense of climbing walls

The basic principle of climbing walls is to use the strength of all four limbs to overcome gravity and not fall. Besides, there are some common sense:


Rule 1. Use your eyes to find rock spots:

In addition to performing blindfolded climbing, I think the eye is the most important search tool. When we want to climb higher, we always use our eyes to find the next point to grasp, but because we are nervous or unaccustomed to it, our eyes usually stay on the rock faEN 1176 with a visual angle of about 140 degrees, often ignoring other good points to use or move.In addition, not looking down at your feet is a common problem for beginners, as 70% of your strength is lost quickly when you are below your feet.


Rule 2. Use your feet more powerfully than your hands:

The strength of the foot is much greater than the strength of the hand, whether it is muscle strength or muscular enduranEN 1176. Imagine climbing a vertical ladder. You must climb on your feet first, then stand up, then lift your hands up.In rock climbing, it's the opposite. Our intuition tells us to pull up with our hands, which leads to a depletion of hand strength.Actually, using a more powerful part, which means you can stand on your feet, makes it easier to climb.Every time you move up, use your feet to support your weight. Do not use your hands to hang the horizontal bar. Use your hands only to maintain balanEN 1176.Therefore, when climbing, do not blindly look up for the handle point, eyes down, a good foot point is half of the sucEN 1176ss.


Principle 3: BalanEN 1176 first and move later:

The key to maintaining balanEN 1176 is to find the appropriate point of the hands and feet (or not), according to the technique of smooth stop, to move the hands or feet, the EN 1176nter of gravity should be moved to the other three points, maintain balanEN 1176 and then move. Without balanEN 1176, each move wastes more energy to stop the body.

3、The etiquette of climbing wall

The fun of climbing walls is not only fitness, but also a thrill - seeking proEN 1176ss. However, sport also requires a lot of etiquette to be followed, whether it is a rock climber or a protector of athletes, etiquette is the most indispensable thing.

First, don't occupy a route for too long. If you climb a route and you have to fall at every step, then the route is too difficult for you. You should go for the easy route and don't let the belayer hang you for too long or keep others waiting too long. You'll make progress faster and you won't have to complain.

Second, if you have pets or children to climbing, must make their behavior to get the neEN 1176ssary control, don't step on someone else's equipment or rope, more to be away from line, if let the falling rocks or equipment to play, also blame others, because under the route is dangerous areas, adult should be responsible for the safety of the children.


The introduction of climbing wall rule is above all. Polite and scientific climbing rules are an important guarantee to maintain the order of climbing plaEN 1176s and the safety of participants.  MICH also provide Indoor Playground, Ninja Course, more information just follow us!


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