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What is the service life of climbing walls

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What is the service life of climbing wall? Rock climbing, because of its challenge and fun, is more and more popular. The climbing gym receives a large number of customers every day. How to maintain climbing wall, improve its service life and safety is a very important proposition.


This article contains the following:

The service life of climbing wall

The inspection of climbing wall

How to extend the life of climbing wall

 1、The service life of climbing wall

The normal service life of the climbing wall is around 8 years. The specific time is determined by the construction material of the climbing wall, the temperature, humidity and frequency of use and other conditions.


 Most of the indoor climbing walls are made of 3/4 inch plywood and 3/4 inch OSB, which is strong and durable. Commercial stadiums that look like real stone often use the OSB because it is covered with a plaster-like covering. Outdoor climbing walls have a variety of options. Trex does not decay or deteriorate due to bad weather or insects, which does not crack and has excellent traction even in wet conditions. And pressure-treated wood is the best defense against nature. Cedar trees are incredibly resistant to decay, and insects don't like cedar trees. Its bacterial and fungal resistance as well as the fact that the cedar is 80% of the oak's strength makes it an ideal wood for construction. For health reasons, this is an ideal choice of home climbing wall for fragile young children.


2、The inspection of climbing wall

Rock climbing wall is a challenging and risky sport, and gyms must be accountable to their customers, so regular maintenance is necessary. Climbing wall maintenance and inspection services include: checking the overall safety level of the wall structure, foundation and surface, paying special attention to all protective systems; route setup (for example, removal, cleaning and reinstallation of cargo hold); test the wall according to the industry standard EN 12572-1:2007; check for structural deformation (truss, support, panel support, etc.); inspect the state of the climbing surface, etc.


3、How to extend the life of climbing wall

The climbing wall is one of the most popular projects in the gyms, which be climbed nearly 100 times a day. As a result, climbing walls are used very frequently. How to maintain climbing walls to extend their service life?


1. After every training for about 100 people, check whether the structure of each part of the climbing wall equipment can still meet the training requirements immediately. If there is screw loosening or damage, it should be eliminated immediately after the training.


2. Before each use, check all the easy wear and loose parts of safety supplies of climbing wall such as fasteners, steel wire rope, steel wire rope clip, pulley parts, blue screw and bow shackle used for steel wire rope. When the wear amount of safety supplies exceeds 1/10 of the original, it shall be updated: if the steel wire rope has broken strands, the number of broken strands shall exceed 1/10 of the total number of steel wire rope. Tighten and lock loose parts. Inspectors should wear safety belts and helmets during work.


3. The vertical pole and crossbeam of climbing wall should be treated with anti-corrosion every half a year; The welding part of wire rope lug shall be inspected once a month. When the corrosion depth exceeds the wall thickness of the steel tube l/10, it shall be replaced.


4. Tighten all rock points and climbing boards at least once every six months. Before each training, there must be a special person to check the rock and climbing board, if there is any loose phenomenon must be tightened before training. The connecting bolt behind the SLATE should be tightened at least once every six months.


5. The edges, corners and welds of all instruments shall be treated with anticorrosion once a year in spring and autumn, and once before the rainy season in wet places.


The service life of climbing wall is as described above. It takes a lot of effort to build and maintain a climbing wall, but it will also bring unforgettable happiness to your friends and family. Scientific climbing training allows you to spend good time with your walls, if you want to know more about Indoor Playground, Mini Trampoline.


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