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What kinds of muscles does wall-climbing target

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What kinds of muscles does wall-climbing target? Overactive injuries have been a frequent occurrence in climbing walls recently, especially among eager beginners and climbers who are not good at spotting signs of ill health.Knowing the muscles and how they work can help keep you safe when climbing.


This article contains the following:

The type of muscle that is vulnerable to injury

The kinds of muscles that wall-climbing targets

How to protect our muscles from injuries

1、The type of muscle that is vulnerable to injury

The most important muscle in the body, our abdominal muscles, the center or core of the body, are the basis for all exercise, as are climbing wall. Good abs make climbing easier. When most climbers push their limits in climbing, it is usually the forearm muscles that become weak first. As a result, injuries are more likely to occur in the forearm, fingers and shoulders.In some people, the shoulder is structurally dislocated, so tendons and ligaments are connected to the shoulder in a way that is not conducive to efficient, perfectly coordinated movement. People with this condition especially need exercises that strengthen the deltoid and rotator cuff.

2、The kinds of muscles that wall-climbing targets

First of all, climbing wall is a sport with a certain threshold. Even indoor climbing wall with full protection equipment, many people can't do one or two steps of movement. It needs the strength to match their body weight and physical strength.Secondly, in terms of muscle exercise, rock climbing, in accordance with the difficulty, basically can exercise together to the muscles of the body, for there is no unified climbing route and absolute absolutely similar actions, and not like the ordinary gym for iron isolate a muscle stimulation, in the process of climbing walls, because grasping action is more, so the muscles around the wrist, forearm, exercise the upper arm strength biggest, deltoid muscle throughout the body played an important role in stability and flexibility, any form of system, can use the back muscles,In addition, the pedals of the legs and the abdominal muscles, the internal and external oblique muscles and the entire core play a vital role. Professional climbing wall requires a lot of muscle endurance and explosive power, as well as a certain amount of physical strength which also requires a good cooperation between brain and limbs. It requires equal distribution of physical strength and flexibility.

3、How to protect our muscles from injuries

 To develop muscle balance and prevent injury, it is best to ensure that different types of climbing walls are used in a balanced way. Too much repetition of the same or similar actions can lead to injury from exercise overdose. If you climb on a SLATE and need to hang from a small corner of the rock at all times, you can damage your fingers or forearms. As a nice complement to this move, you can climb some steep terrain within your reach. Overhanging terrain requires considerable balance on the forearm and shoulder and a strong core. This type of climbing helps to develop balanced strength.But climbing routes far beyond your current level can also cause damage. If you try to exceed your strength limits, your posture is likely to become substandard, which can lead to the wrong use of techniques and ultimately damage.


Muscle training is boring and painful, but the sense of achievement from climbing wall is huge and wonderful. Practice climbing with perfect fluency and posture and enjoy the climb! We also provide Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground, contact us to know more.


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