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What outdoor playground equipment is suitable for children?

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As parents cannot take their children to travel too far on weekends, and parents also want their children to have a happier weekend, the children’s outdoor playground has become the first choice for weekend parent-child trips, and children have become an important part of outdoor playground visitors. section. So What should be considered when choosing children's outdoor playground equipment?


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Outdoor playground site selection

Outdoor play equipment selection


Outdoor playground site selection

It is a necessary condition for the outdoor playground to choose places where people flow densely, and it is best to be able to choose living areas where there are enough mobile children to support the development of the playground. In addition, choosing to be around the mall is also a good move. The flow of people in the mall is fixed and sufficient, and it will be of great help to later operations.


Outdoor playground equipment selection

Because outdoor playground equipment needs to withstand the test of the open air, it is recommended to choose FRP materials as much as possible when choosing equipment, and do not choose too many plastic materials, because plastic equipment is easy to fade after exposure to the sun and will be more brittle. This leads to a great safety hazard in the equipment. The FRP material not only has the advantages of long-term wear resistance, no rust outdoors, and long service life, but also has received international GS certification indicators.


There are many types of FRP equipment. According to the difference in operation mode and function, outdoor amusement equipment can be divided into rotating equipment, lifting equipment, electric equipment, water jet equipment, electronic equipment and so on. For example, rotating equipment includes carousel, octopus, ocean walk, flying chair, carousel;


Lifting equipment includes self-controlled airplanes, modern times, and frog jumping; electric equipment includes bumper cars and inflatable trains; and water-jet equipment includes fishing ponds, octopus brothers, and amphibious vehicles. In addition, outdoor amusement equipment must be rotated in these categories, so that the entire outdoor amusement park can be played with different ways and more attractive.


In addition, the unpowered outdoor playground equipment is also very good. Such as  climbing,ropes, trampolines, slides, these are in line with the children’s active nature, which not only exercises the children’s physical coordination ability, enhances the children’s physical fitness, but also allows parents to join in and interact with the children. This enhances the parent-child relationship and brings parents closer to their children.


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