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What protections are made in climbing wall equipments

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What protections are made in climbing wall equipments? To fully experience climbing walls, the right equipment is essential. Harness is one of the most important climbing protection equipment, comfortable design and safe material is indispensable.


This article contains the following:

What are climbing wall equipments

How climbing wall equipments protect us

How to maintain climbing wall equipments

1、What are climbing wall equipments

Protective equipment for climbing walls are various, including chalk bag, belay device, climb shoes, harness and ropes. Most climbing halls will offer equipments to attract more clients, but due to privacy and safety, many climbing enthusiasts prefer to use their climbing shoes and Harness. The climbing movement is in order to make the climber climbing can with the least amount of equipment to provide protection under the premise of chengdu biggest enjoy climbing movement. Based on this principle, it is conceivable that the harness selection principle for sports climbing should include lightweight and comfortable characteristics. Buying your own customized harness can improve climbing comfort.


2、How climbing wall equipments protect us

The Harness is one of the most important protective equipment for climbing walls. In 1968, Bill Forrest invented the harness: it consisted of a separate swami belt and two leg loops. Although sewn separately, the swami belt is always used with the two leg loops. The harness is still like the harness designed by Forrest, which spreads the instantaneous power of a fall over the rest of the body by means of a leg band to mitigate its impact on the spine. Compared with the harness in the past, modern harness not only add connected leg rings, but also improve many key parts.A gear ring was added to facilitate carrying climbing gear;The harness height adjustment buckle is added. Firstly, it is convenient to adjust the distance between the leg ring and the waist ring, and secondly, the leg ring and the waist ring can be separated temporarily, so that the climber can move easily without unlocking the  belt.


3、How to maintain climbing wall equipments

Maintenance of the Harness is also the most important part of the maintenance of climbing wall equipments. Harness can last a long time without breaking if you take good care of it. But the materials used to construct the belts still deteriorate over time. For climbing wall safety, harness for seven years or more should be decommissioned, even if they are not damaged at all. For professionals or amateur climbers who climb very frequently, the belt should be changed every year, which is recommended in the absence of a major fall.In the event of a very large fall (for example, an 80kg person experiences a drop strength factor of 1.77), the harness must be replaced to prevent internal structural tears that could lead to the next fatal fall. Because of the special material of the seat belt, the less cleaning, the better.This means that you should not place your harness on dirty ground.If your seat belt is stained, simply wash it in clean water.If the stain cannot be completely removed by washing with clean water, rinse with warm water with neutral soap (do not disinfect bleach) and then rinse with clean water.The cleaned harness should be kept in a dark and ventilated place with a storage bag. After each climb, remove all climbing gear and store your clean harness in a bag.


The introduction of climbing wall including climbing, Indoor Climbing Frame, Outdoor Climbing Frame equipments is above all. Only when we realize the importance of protecting equipments can we use it to protect ourselves in case of accident when climbing walls. 


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