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What's the difference between a park and a Non-standard customize playground?

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There is not much difference between A park and a Non-standard customize playground. Instead, attention must be paid to accuracy in order to portray the difference between the two. The Non-standard customize playground is a place specially for children to play. All things in the park are specially designed to cater to people of their age.


The Non-standard customize playground is an innovative education that favors the natural environment.

Speaking of Non-standard customize playground, it is a play area with or without equipment in the natural environment. For example, if we visit a kindergarten, they have a specially designed Non-standard customize playground for children to play, interact and entertain.


However, if we go to the park, we will find a natural play space for the park, they may add some swings, smooth the surface and change the natural area according to the needs of the child. Basically, the nature play areas of the park and Non-standard customize playground are all outdoor design areas, allowing children to enjoy unlimited fun and entertainment in their own way. Natural play space with Non-standard customize playground


① Changing needs requires room for change. Why is it important to customize playground for Non-standard? Over time, the environment in which children need to be exposed to the outdoors is also changing. Educational parameters play a completely different role in the lives of children. These aspects and requirements are also reflected in the design of the Non-standard customize playground.


② Contact with nature. The main reason for developing the Non-standard customize playground is that children can play with the landscape, natural vegetation and surrounding environment. There are many Non-standard customize playgrounds that deliberately plant some fruits or vegetables to enable children to understand and inspire the power of nature and how to protect nature.


What are the other outstanding advantages of Non-standard customize playground?

l A natural Non-standard customize playground can promote children's physical exercise. Non-standard amusement equipment not only makes them as healthy as possible, but also provides them with a way to fight against obesity, which is the main cause of poor health in children.


l The natural play space of the Non-standard customize playground also makes children become active. Children learn to communicate, collaborate and develop much-needed self-confidence and independence.


l This kind of play space makes children's thinking sharper and brighter, enables them to solve their own problems, solve difficult problems, and enables them to gain some valuable knowledge from the natural world.


l The natural play space of the Non-standard customize playground can help children reduce stress, make them more psychologically focused, confident, and independent, and can also improve their concentration and indirectly help them improve their studies.


l The natural playground of the Non-standard customize playground can also help children conduct risk assessments, which are vital to their lives.


Guide for developing Non-standard customize playground.

There is no doubt that the Non-standard customize playground is a blessing to children, but those who are developing and designing the Non-standard customize playground must follow the guidelines below to make its design very suitable for children:


① The layout of the Non-standard customize playground should be complementary to the surrounding environment to enhance the internal circulation and organization of the school and the age groups involved.

② Plant more trees around the Non-standard customize playground for children. The designer of the school's natural play space must master the established tree planting strategy.

③ Use multiple types of equipment in the Non-standard customize playground. The game space should be designed to have a variety of programmed and unprogrammed activities.

④ Make sure to check the safety of all equipment in the Non-standard customize playground and observe closely to ensure the safety of your children. Giving children a natural taste when they are young can inspire their lives.


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