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What to wear when climbing walls

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What to wear when climbing walls? Climbing walls is a challenging and dangerous sport, so good protective equipment is essential. Although indoor climbing is much easier than outdoor climbing, mastering what to wear when climbing walls still matters.


This article contains the following:

How to choose the wall climbing clothes

How to choose the footwear when climbing

Few tips about wall climbing accessories

1、How to choose the wall climbing clothes

Unlike outdoor climbing walls, which requires a lot of gear, men at the climbing wall gym usually wear slim T-shirts and shorts while many women wear sports bras, vests and yoga pants. One of the best things about climbing walls indoors is that you don't have to worry about wearing the right clothes for bad weather, so take off your jacket or sun hat and wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing in lightweight, breathable, soft fabrics. Remember that climbers had chalk on their walls, and some of that chalk might be transferred to your clothes.

2、How to choose the footwear when climbing walls

One of the most important climbing wall equipments that climbers rely on is climbing shoes, so if you don't have your own pair of hiking shoes, almost every climbing wall venue offers a variety of sizes for rent. So the climber plans to do that first. Making sure the shoes fit comfortably is the priority, which will allow you to avoid unnecessary risks and have fun while climbing walls indoor, because your grip and feel on the wall are much better than normal shoes.


Aside from renting shoes, climbers need to consider the following: first, if renting bowling shoes gives you the chills, I have bad news -- climbing shoes are meant to be worn without socks. Most gyms are disinfected on a regular basis, but if you still can't stand the bare skin on the inside of the rental shoes, always wear some slimmer socks. Also, the gym doesn't want you to put your climbing shoes in the bathroom, because the soles can spread germs to the climbing racks. Also, if you buy your own rock shoes in the future, it's best to use the soles only for climbing. The soles will last longer.


3、Few tips about wall climbing accessories

Climbing wall gyms tend to use cooler air conditioners to keep their customers feeling more comfortable. To protect the body from the cold that comes after a sweat session, it is important to wear a suitable thin coat. Then, the stadium has all the essentials that need to be rented, such as ropes, seat belts and protective climbing wall equipments. However, if you want chalk, you should plan to bring your own bag or tidying bag.Finally, you don't need gloves or a hat. Your hands must be in direct contact with the wall each time you climb, but don't worry, the skin will start to harden after a few climbs. A hat is not a good idea because you don't want anything that might fall off. If you are worried about your long hair, tie it with a hair rope..


The introduction of what to wear when climbing wall is above all. Slim, loose and protective are the three most important considerations in climbing wall equipment that determine the experience of climbing. Climbing wall gyms are now making it easier to climb, and you can put on your climbing shoes and yoga pants and start your climb journey. We also provide Trampoline Park, Mobile Play Center, more information just follow us!


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