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What types of outdoor fitness equipment are there?

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Outdoor fitness equipment path, like a blossoming flower, decorates the modern city, and provides convenience for national fitness anytime and anywhere. But it must be used scientifically, or it will be counterproductive. It is necessary to move the body and to avoid injury, and achieve the best of both worlds to achieve the goal of fitness. Outdoor fitness equipment sometimes appears in outdoor playground and indoor playground.


Here is the content list:

  • Stretching equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.

  • Twisting equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.

  • Aerobic equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.

  • Community fitness equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.


1. Stretching equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.

Stretching equipment in outdoor fitness equipment includes ribs, horizontal bars and other leg-pressing bar equipment. This type of exercise does not recommend that the elderly desperately press their legs or lift their legs high to press, because high pressure does not mean health.


It is recommended not to pass the shoulder. You should also be very careful when using outdoor fitness equipment's lower waist trainer, because the water in the muscle and soft tissue of the elderly is low, and some elderly people have osteoporosis, which will damage the lumbar spine.

  • Lifting the leg too high when pressing the leg can threaten the femoral head and spine of the elderly.

  • Try not to use a waist extension trainer.


2. Twisting equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.

Twisting equipment in outdoor fitness equipment, such as waist twisting device. The waist of the elderly is relatively stiff, and the movements should be as slow and soft as possible when twisting the waist. Twisting the waist too fast can cause small muscles around the spine to strain, which will have an adverse effect on the intervertebral disc and may lead to a herniated disc. Therefore, when using outdoor fitness equipment, you should do what you can, and don't distort yourself, especially don't use excessive force.


When twisting the waist, it is safe to turn a 180-degree circle, generally 3 to 4 seconds, and some elderly people can use 1 to 2 seconds. Don't use explosive force. Usually a three-person waist twister is used, and multiple people exercise outdoor fitness equipment at the same time to prevent sprains.


3. Aerobic equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.

Aerobic equipment in outdoor fitness equipment. Some elderly people increase their strides on the space walker, with a span of 160 degrees to 180 degrees. It is quite dangerous to use the space walker as a "dynamic leg splitter". Because it may cause the ligaments of the hip joint to loosen and easily cause dislocation. Dr. He suggested that older people should repeatedly use low-intensity outdoor fitness equipment.


Don't swing on the same side of the spacewalker. This kind of gameplay has no fitness effect, and you may fall off if you are not careful. Fitness riding machine is a kind of exercise equipment that is more suitable for the elderly. When playing outdoor fitness equipment, pay attention to tilt your head back and pull back as much as possible. This will help prevent and improve cervical spondylosis.


People with herniated intervertebral discs must not play a fitness rider. The running machine is also a kind of outdoor fitness equipment suitable for the elderly to exercise, but some old comrades play this outdoor fitness equipment too frequently. Based on a cycle of 360 degrees, the average elderly friend should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles per second.


Excessive exercise speed will cause excessive exercise load to the heart, and elderly friends with heart disease should pay attention to it. Strength outdoor fitness equipment enhances cardiopulmonary function and lower limbs and abdominal muscle strength; improves the flexibility and coordination of lower limbs; improves the stability of the joints of the lower limbs, and can recover from lumbar muscle strain, hip joint pain, lower limb dysfunction, muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, etc. Effect


4. Community fitness equipment in Outdoor fitness equipment.

Horizontal bars. The main purpose of old people doing horizontal bars is to stimulate their muscles. 60-year-old people do not need to use outdoor fitness equipment too fast or too hard, and do not need to exert 100% effort.People with moderate symptoms of intervertebral disc herniation can do moderate flexion of the arms on the horizontal bar, touch the ground with their feet, and hang more than half of their body weight. The function is equivalent to traction. An elderly friend who can't do pull-ups on the horizontal bar should not hang his hands on the horizontal bar to prevent shoulder dislocation.


Kick on the spot. It is not suitable for the elderly with softened patella. For outdoor fitness equipment with barbells, don't try to exert 100% effort, and don't lift too many times. When walking on the balance beam, it is advisable to walk on it with your hands stretched out instead of challenging yourself endlessly. Don't walk carelessly on it, as it may cause fractures if you fall.


Elderly people over 60 are not suitable for climbing on average. Don't hold your breath too much during exercise, this approach can lead to increased blood pressure, which is not good for the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Of course, as mentioned above, you need to explore the outdoor fitness equipment suitable for your body based on the actual situation of your body or consult an expert to arrange your own exercise method!



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