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When you exercise do you prefer exercising at a gym or outside Why?

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Is there a difference between GYM fitness equipment and outdoor exercise machine? Which environment brings you the most benefits? The fitness industry has been arguing about the best place to exercise. Your environment affects the quality of exercise and mental and physical health in different ways, so let’s look at the pros and cons of each method.


What are the pros and cons of outdoor exercise machine?

Advantages: Improve mental health

Compared with GYM fitness equipment, a study shows that exercising in the "natural environment" is associated with "greater rejuvenation and active participation, less tension, confusion, anger and frustration" and more energy. Those who participated in the study felt happier and more satisfied when using the outdoor exercise machine, and hope to repeat this activity again in the future. Some other small studies have shown that compared with GYM fitness equipment, cortisol levels decrease after using outdoor exercise machines, and cortisol triggers stress.


Advantages: more strenuous, longer exercise time

Compared with treadmill runners, outdoor runners tend to bend more ankles and consume more energy. Cyclists also burn more calories when riding outdoors. Another study showed that people who exercise using outdoor exercise machine exercise longer. The activities of the study participants were monitored for a week. People who exercise outdoors spend an average of 30 minutes more exercise time than those who exercise indoors.


Advantages: Vitamin D intake

It's very simple-you have to be exposed to the sun when you go out to provide you with vitamin D. Our body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium to promote strong bone growth.


Advantages: Free!

One of the benefits of using outdoor exercise machine is that you can simply go out! You do not need a membership to walk, run, ride a bicycle or perform other activities outside.


Disadvantages: contact elements

When you use an outdoor exercise machine, you will have the interest of nature: snow, sleet, rain, hail, cold, strong wind-you cannot control any of them. If you want to go outdoors, you need to be prepared for any weather. This also means that living in cities or densely populated areas will expose you to air pollutants and possible allergens.


What are the pros and cons of GYM fitness equipment?

Advantages: controlled environment

Exercising in a gym or using GYM fitness equipment means (most likely) that you need air conditioning and heating to make the air comfortable. You don't need to worry about rain, snow or high temperatures. If you live in a city, it may also be a good thing for those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases to escape the clean air in the gym.


Advantages: availability of group courses

Research shows that group exercise classes help teach accountability while providing participants with safe and effective exercise methods. Taking classes like yoga, zumba and taekwondo may attract people who don’t like running or walking outdoors.


Professional version: Use facilities

In the gym, you can use the sauna, shower and even the spa. If you stop exercising on the way to work, this may be a much-needed benefit, so you can go to work to exercise and clean up before going to the office.


Disadvantage: cost

The monthly and annual fees for gym members vary by location, but the average monthly fee for gym members is between US$40 and US$50. Including the membership fee, the total annual cost is approximately US$800. Where is the best place to exercise?

The answer depends on what you are looking for-if climate control is your highest requirement, then GYM fitness equipment is your ideal choice. If you want to get the benefits of mental health and save costs, then taking outside exercise is the way. Most importantly, exercise no matter where you decide to exercise.


10 reasons why outdoor exercise machine training is better than GYM fitness equipment exercise

1. Lower blood pressure and reduce stress

Studies have shown that using outdoor exercise machine to exercise will lower people's blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, compared with similar exercises indoors, exercises performed with outdoor exercise machines are less strenuous, thus bringing you closer to optimal performance. Train outdoors, push yourself to the limit, and keep breaking personal records!


2. Help insomnia

When you exercise outdoors, you will get fresh air, which helps to reduce insomnia. Regular use of outdoor exercise machine exercise and fresh air will help you fall asleep and improve sleep quality! Regular exercise and fresh air will also improve your sleep quality.


3. Sunshine

When using outdoor exercise machine, you can also enjoy the benefits of sunlight. Fresh outdoor air and natural light are full of vitality and provide more energy for the body and mind. Sunlight provides the vitamin D we need. You will get a tan during training, and the sun will refresh your energy! Sunlight can also enhance energy production in muscles and oxidation of tissues. When training outdoors, take into account possible injuries from excessive sunlight, such as dehydration and sunburn. Therefore, when training outdoors, don't forget to protect sunscreen and hydrate! There is no better place to exercise than in the sun!


4. Free

Outdoor exercise machines are usually completely free, because outdoor sports parks, sports fields, stairs and other outdoor sports venues are usually free to everyone. Outdoor sports are good for your wallet!


5. Save time and nature

For example, think creatively about your surroundings and conduct intensive training on nearby jogging trails, hillsides or stairs. The training location is usually closer than you think! Using nearby locations not only saves time, but also saves natural resources because you can exercise without driving. Did you know that the fitness products we provide are designed, manufactured, packaged and transported to the final location while minimizing the environmental load?


6. Changes in regular exercise

break the usual! The outdoor exercise machine performs indoor exercises and exercises such as body weight exercises, which are easy to perform outdoors. Most weight loss exercises are multi-joint exercises, so they are super effective! Carrying out bodyweight exercises will especially enhance your coordination, balance and flexibility.


7. The opportunity to try new things

Take your workout to a new level and try something new! Take advantage of new training opportunities to add content to your standard workout or create a whole new routine. Have you tried activities such as parkour or street exercise? Make your exercise style different, more effective and refreshing!


8. Change your regular training environment

Leave the sultry dark gymnasium and exercise in the bright outdoor environment; enjoy the many benefits of outdoor exercise machine. The city offers numerous fitness venues. The fitness park, sports field, stairs and fitness area on the jogging track provide you with diverse exercise opportunities and explore new training venues.


9. Opportunity to train together

Most outdoor exercise machine places (such as sports fields and running tracks) are free and open to everyone. In this way, you can train and spend time exercising with friends and closest relatives who don’t go to the same gym with you. In addition, exercising outdoors is a great opportunity to meet new people while exercising!


10. Better mood

All in all, outdoor exercise machine can bring joy, happiness and better mood, thus benefit the whole body!


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