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Where we can put outdoor playground

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     Outdoor playground is the most popular play items in School,Park,garden, apartment,etc...Normally,When you have free time,Parents can bring children to take exercise and have fun.

Is it easy to install a outdoor playground equipment?Yes,it is.

     Is very easy to installation. Small size just need 2-3 hours, very simple ,of course,When you confirm the order,we will provide the detail installation manual for you.the manual is drawing according to your design,include each pipe code,plastic items,etc...you can build it by yourself or with your team.

What do you need to prepare when you want to build a playground?

1. Finalizing the location,the best is less few columns(barriers),such as tree.....

2. Details size of your place(length,width,height),or drawing of CAD layout file.

3. Where should be the entrance?

4. Is there any special requirement? Such as the fuction; color etc?



If you also need place indoor playground or trampoline,welcome to contact us.we will send you more information about us.

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