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Which types of outdoor fitness equipment are suitable for the elderly?

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Fitness is very meaningful to everyone, especially the elderly. Therefore, it is very important for the elderly to use outdoor fitness equipment regularly. So, which types of outdoor fitness equipment are suitable for the elderly?


Here is the content list:


Fitness riding machine

Five-unit leg press

Triple waist twister




Space walker is one of the most common outdoor fitness equipment. Through natural stepping, the two legs are alternately and naturally swing, thereby improving the aerobic exercise capacity of the human body and the coordination and flexibility of the body, and training the muscle strength of the legs. Improve cardiopulmonary function, promote respiratory system health, and enhance balance ability. It can enhance cardiopulmonary function and develop muscle strength of lower limbs.


Fitness riding machine

The method of using the fitness riding machine is to sit on the seat and hold the handle with both hands, step on the pedal firmly with both feet, pedal down, and pull the hand back at the same time.


It is a kind of sports equipment suitable for the elderly. Pull back to the body as much as possible, this will help prevent and improve cervical spondylosis. In addition, the fitness machine can also enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve the upper limbs, waist, abdomen, legs, back muscle strength and limb coordination. It has a rehabilitative effect on the flexion and extension of wrist, elbow, hip and knee joints, and the soreness of limbs and back.


Five-unit leg press

The exercise method of the five-unit leg press is that the user chooses the appropriate pole height according to his own height, stretches one leg on the pole, pulls the toes with both hands, and bends forward. Its function is to exercise the flexibility of the waist and legs and eliminate fatigue. It can be used as one of the preparatory exercises before exercise. And pay attention to when pressing the leg, the leg can not be raised too high, otherwise it will threaten the femoral head and spine of the elderly.


Three-person waist twister

The exercise method of the three-person waist twister is to stand on a circular pedal with both feet balanced, hold the handrails with both hands, and turn the waist and lower limbs left and right. This equipment is suitable for all kinds of people and is limited to three people. In addition, exercisers can exercise for 3-10 minutes according to their physical strength. The three-person waist twister can strengthen the waist and abdominal muscles, improve the flexibility and flexibility of the lumbar spine and hip joints, and is conducive to bodybuilding. Larger waist turning activities can relax the waist muscles to open the meridian and activate the collaterals to promote the smooth flow of qi and blood, strengthen the waist and strengthen the kidney. It is suitable for waist movement disorders, weak kidneys, lumbar muscle strain and general fatigue.



In addition, the outdoor fitness equipment suitable for the elderly includes leg massager, big wheel, Tai Chi leg kneading device, back massager, seat training device, waist stretching device, elliptical machine, horse riding machine, Shoulder rehabilitation device, three-person pull-up frame, hula bridge, standing waist twister.


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