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Why are more climbing walls set up in the school

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Why are more climbing walls set up in the school? Want to get your students active, teach them valuable life lessons, and give them the opportunity to love the outdoors?Climbing walls are an excellent option.


This article contains the following:

The benefits of school climbing walls

The types of school climbing walls

The management of school climbing walls

1、The benefits of school climbing walls

Climbing wall makes children come alive. Children obesity is a common concern in today's society.Getting kids interested in sports is a direct and effective way to combat the epidemic, and rock climbing provides a full-body workout. A common misconception is that climbing is only good for your upper body. As any experienced climber will tell you, efficient use of feet and legs is an important part of effective climbing.Longer routes will benefit aerobic exercise and increase endurance.The best part is that climbing is such a fun and fun activity that most kids forget to exercise themselves!


Climbing wall improves memory and cognition ability. A study from the university of north Florida found that climbing improves your working memory.Working memory is your short-term memory.A classic example of working memory is the ability to solve math problems in your head without using paper.Climbing requires focus on finding the right body position, balance and movement to untangle jigsaw sequences to climb a wall.Students may struggle with certain routes on the school wall, but that's okay!They don't have to reach the top every time they try.That's part of the climb!


2、The types of school climbing walls

Sport climbing walls are the same as those you see at a commercial climbing gym.These walls can be as short as 30 feet or as tall as more than 60 feet. Sport climbing walls have the most versatility, allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits that climbing offers.They enable you to teach skills like fastening and rock climbing, which are great for kids and teens.If you can afford it and fit in, a full-size sport climbing wall is a good option for your school.


Bouldering areas are short walls with landing pads as the primary safety mechanism.The standard wall is only 15 feet high.Holding stone walls differ from lateral walls in that they can be climbed vertically and have features such as overhangs, roofs, dihedrons, and slopes.The difference between the two makes older children and teenagers more likely to keep coming back.Add an easier area to the bouldering area so that students of all ages can use it.


Horizontal climbing wall is the simplest and cheapest of the various walls.As the name implies, the traverse wall climbs horizontally rather than vertically.In general, transverse walls consist of only flat plates, without any obvious features, such as rounded corners or dihedral surfaces.This simplicity makes them great climbing walls for kids.A common problem with cross walls, though, is that they struggle to retain the attention of older children and teenagers.Similarly, the lack of simplicity and height makes it difficult to teach climbing techniques and safety procedures.


3、The management of school climbing walls

Parents' worries about climbing walls are mostly about their children getting hurt.Adding automatic protection allows students to take advantage of the wall before learning how to protect or without a climbing partner.Therefore, the automatic sleeve will increase engagement and ensure that your walls are always used.The automatic case is also a good training tool.They can be used as a backup for people who are learning how to fix or climb.It could also be used for training missions to acquire more routes more quickly.Today, the climbing industry is maturing, with custom climbing walls and soft climbing walls for kids to play with!


Today, children are increasingly glued to their screens.For the sake of children's health, it is necessary to let children walk into nature and be active. The climbing wall including Indoor Climbing Frame, Outdoor Climbing Frame can attract children to leave their mobile phones and embrace nature.


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