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Why do young people love climbing wall

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Why do young people love climbing wall? Climbing wall, as an extreme sport added to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, has always been a "game for the brave" in the eyes of everyone. Standing high, with only a rope to keep you safe, is unthinkable to most people. This is why so many people really fall in love with this sport after they are introduced to it.


This article contains the following:

The charm of climbing wall

The reasons of young people’s preference

How to overcome the fear of climbing walls

1、The charm of climbing wall

What is the charm of climbing wall? Rock climbing wall, which seems bold but is actually very safe, can satisfy people's pursuit of exciting pleasure and desire to overcome their own, and provide a lot of positive energy for people. In the daily study and work, modern people tend to be under a lot of pressure, and rock climbing is a good way to relieve the pressure, let you feel the limit, and put those pressures and troubles behind you.

2、The reasons of youny people's preference

Climbing wall for kids has also been shown to be beneficial in other areas of life. A 2017 study published in the American lifestyle journal found that rock climbing wall can boost self-esteem, self-efficacy and confidence in youth. A 2015 study conducted at the university of elrangen-nuremberg looked at the therapeutic quality of rock climbing and "its positive effects on anxiety, ADHS, depression, cognition, self-esteem, and social domains." Mike O 'connor, head coach of the junior climbing team, saw the proof in the gym. "We had a child who had some health issues and was very shy," o 'connor said. "Now, he's this confident young man, and the adult climbers are asking for a test. I think it really builds his confidence."


"There is a real emotional aspect to climbing that children really benefit from," O 'connor continues. "there is a strong mental component to every climb, from imagining the movements before leaving the ground to getting the body moving to a certain level and finding non-obvious sequences to overcome their fear of height (if there is one)." Every small success on the wall will be a personal triumph, which in turn will help children feel good about themselves. Especially in middle school and high school, when kids are going through puberty and all kinds of crazy things, figuring out who they are, climbing walls really helps them build confidence and give them the confidence to apply outside the gym.

3、How to overcome the fear of climbing wall

4、In the 4th of August, 2016, the 129th session of the international Olympic committee plenary meeting in Rio, climbing is agreeed to become a formal competitive project in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. During our survey, almost all the interviewees talked excitedly about the joy of going to the Olympic Games. Most of the climbers firmly believed that "joining Austria" would be a great opportunity for the outdoor spirit to introduce rock climbing wall to the public. With the increasing awareness of the rock climbing market, more people would enter the climbing gym to try this sport.


Nowadays, young people have more and more choices, so the monotonous repetitive exercise can hardly meet their demands. Activities full of challenges and excitements such as rock climbing wall including Indoor Climbing Frame, Outdoor Climbing Frame are increasingly popular as a way to get them off their phones. Kid climbing wall and even toddle climbing wall have come into people's sight.


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