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Why is drop slide so popular with children?

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Now many people children like children's drop slides, so in many places will set up children's drop slides to attract people to go, so why do children like children's drop slides?


l Children like drop slides because of the happiness

l The slide can let children experience the feeling of bravery

l Slide can let children experience friendship

l Factors to consider for drop slide


1, children like drop slides because of the happiness:

Both for adults and for children, they are particularly fond of those things that can make them feel happy, such as adults will prefer to play cell phones or computer games, it is because these things can make people feel happy, the same reason, the reason why children prefer drop slides, because they feel happy in the process of playing drop slides, so many kindergarten Children, after class, will run to play slide.


2, Drop slide can let children experience the feeling of bravery.

Whether for adults or children, bravery is a very wonderful experience, many adults like adventure, because they can experience a brave feeling in the process of adventure. Children playing drop slide, need to be a little careful to climb up and then drop slide down the drop slide, in this process, they can experience the feeling of bravery. Although for adults, the drop slide is not brave, but because the children are relatively young, so the drop slide is a challenge for them interesting thing.


3, Drop slide can let children experience friendship:

When the child is not happy, if there is another child of a similar age to accompany your child to play together

Then your child will soon become Hing, and even share his toys and snacks with his playmate, this is because friendship is very important for children, the power of friendship can make them feel happy. In the drop slide, there are often many children playing together, in this process, they can experience friendship.


Children's drop slide design details are many, these are the designers need to focus on thinking, then the design considerations of children's drop slides also need to consider a lot of factors.


4、Factors to consider for drop slide:

1, in accordance with the requirements of the design of anti-collision devices, including but not limited to impact buffer surface, fence, handrails, baffles, etc.

2, Ann's children's drop slide surface without screws, net rope caused by a variety of protrusions, the wrong edge of the angles cannot have sharp components, children can access the protruding threads have covered processing, such as the use of domed nuts. Protruding less than 8MM nuts and screws are not. Any accessible part of the equipment protrudes more than 8MM, and there is no protruding part of the end of the adjacent area from more than 25MM isolated corners, edges and protruding parts, to do rounded treatment, the arc of 3MM. any accessible part of the equipment is not hard or sharp parts.

3, equipment design, manufacturing and installation does not have the following safety hazards: the use of all in the opening of the equipment head or neck caught, the use of all in the movement of a part of the clothing may occur in the equipment gap or V opening was caught or hooked, the use of all can be the whole body climbing into the pit, and heavy or rigid suspension of the charm part of the whole body caught use of all can run or climb the more, and from the above surface The foothold that extends or the foot or leg that holds the hand is clamped using all the fingers that are clamped by various gaps, open pitches at the end or ropes, etc.

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