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Why the Outdoors is the World's Greatest Playground

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1.What is the trend of children playing now?

2.The benefits of playing outdoors

3.What equipment is available in the outdoor playground?


People always say that the outdoors is the world's greatest playground, it is because playing outdoors is really good for people's physical and mental health, which is also the reason why outdoor playgrounds have become popular in recent years.

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What is the trend of children playing now?

1. Beautiful recreational facilities, people yearn for all good things, especially children, like special sounds, bright colors, and some lovely shapes, they can be used to stimulate children's vision, hearing, smell, touch and so on. Two

2. The amusement equipment with diversified functions and children's amusement equipment with diversified functions can attract children more. It can bring people sensory stimulation and physical and mental pleasure, such as turning horse with both rotation and ascent. The equipment with more operating modes can attract more interest in playing.

3. Play facilities suitable for children's age. If the equipment was too difficult,it will make children frustrated,if too simple for children and they will be bored. Playground equipment suitable for children's age will make children feel interesting, and help children form a positive personality.

The benefits of playing outdoors

outdoor playground is a very suitable outdoor space for children to play, open play area and surprise unique activity space, so that children can run freely and play freely, truly fully enjoy the freedom of the outdoor.

Open-air children's amusement equipment can combine the landscape of the site with the surrounding natural environment. Popular understanding is that children can be trained to understand nature, while the open air can keep children away from the noisy and polluted air of the city, which is conducive to the healthy growth of children.

Playful is the nature of most children, in outdoor activities, children are greatly reduced by the restrictions, will be more open. In such circumstances, children can easily become the leader of activities, which will stimulate their imagination, hands-on ability and creativity. Strong curiosity drives children to explore and think constantly. They have many strange ideas in their small heads.

What equipment is available in the outdoor playground?

Generally speaking, outdoor playgrounds will have wooden amusement facilities, rope-net climbing facilities, theme park landscaping, children's slides, creative swings and outdoor trampoline, outdoor ropes, rope-net equipment, children's climbing walls and micro-terrain amusement facilities and other equipment. Ferris wheel is the landmark amusement equipment of scenic playground, which has the scale of outdoor.


Outdoor activities can enhance children's immunity, help children become cheerful and lively: playing outdoors can reach more people, learn how to communicate with others, for his growth is very good. Frequent outdoor playground activities can exercise children's independence and autonomy, cultivate children's divergent thinking, and shape children's multiple values.

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