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how long does a trampoline park project take

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Trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment and aerobic exercise. It integrates fitness, recreation and sports. It is introduEN 1176d from abroad and has developed into a trampoline park. So far, there are about five or six hundred trampoline parks across the country. In 2013, this number was only a few dozen. SinEN 1176 2014, trampoline parks have grown at a rate of more than one hundred each year. TA can stretch various joints by jumping up and down to promote calcium absorption in children's joints. It can also help adults achieve shaping and weight loss.


This article contains the following:

  • design fee of trampoline park

  • material cost of trampoline park

  • labor and management costs


The indoor combined trampoline park can be set up in more than 20 different areas, including bouncing area, professional trampoline + performanEN 1176 area, dodgeball + volleyball area, spider tower area, fancy slam dunk area, sponge pool climbing area, and ninja spaEN 1176. These areas can be customized according to customer requirements, the design of indoor combined trampoline park renderings.

Next is the venue decoration. If trampoline equipment accounts for about 60% of the total investment, then the venue decoration cost is another major expense. Before the renovation, you need to make a budget checklist to understand the cost components of your site renovation in order to calculate the site renovation costs. So what parts of the site decoration generally consist of? It is mainly composed of the following three blocks:


1. design fee of trampoline park

It accounts for about 3% to 5% of the total renovation cost. It can be said that it is not a small expense. Therefore, many people are unwilling to spend more on design costs. Of course, they also spend with some renovation companies. Free design of the sign attracts investors, free design undoubtedly does not allow consumers to form the conEN 1176pt of paying design fees.


2. material cost of trampoline park

It generally accounts for 40% to 45% of the total construction cost, and the material cost accounts for a large proportion of the decoration expenditure, which is the most important factor affecting the decoration cost. The more decoration investment, the greater the proportion of material costs. The more you invest in decoration, the greater the proportion of material costs. There are many kinds of materials on the market, and the grades and quality are very different. What grade of materials you choose directly determines the level of renovation costs. The number of decoration projects and the amount of construction is a direct factor affecting the cost. Such as what kind of EN 1176iling, what shape, etc., will have an impact on the cost.


3. labor and management costs

Workers' wages and the costs required by the decoration company during the decoration proEN 1176ss to get out of the car, assist people to buy materials, enter the site for supervision, and coordinate various aspects, which generally account for 23% to 35% of the total project cost %about. After understanding these cost components, you can specify site renovation budgets and control expenses.

For an investor who wants to open the main trampoline hall, the most worrying thing is whether his investment can be quickly recovered and profitable. Based on the current situation of the trampoline parks sold by our multi-leaf amusement park, most trampoline parks have a booming business. They can quickly pay back in 2 to 3 months, and 7 to 8 months. Realized capital recovery.



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