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how safe are trampoline parks?

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The trampoline fever that has been set off on the Internet has made trampoline parks swiftly spread all over the country. Nowadays, not only are there many benefits of playing trampolines, they are also a fashionable trendy sport. In the process of playing trampoline, safety issues have become a factor that trampoline owners and investors have to pay attention to. This article will introduce the safety and precautions of trampoline.


This article contains the following:

  1.  Is trampoline safe?

  2.  What are the safety risks of playing in trampoline park?

  3.  How did these injuries happen in trampoline park?

  4.  How to avoid injuries in trampoline park?


1.Is trampoline safe?

Trampoline is a sport that combines a variety of elements such as gymnastics, diving, skills, and dance. Known as the "ballet in the air", the Chinese trampoline team won two gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The attention of the Chinese people. The trampoline fever caused by the vibrato has made many people love the trampoline.

Some people also have such doubts about trampoline exercise: Is trampoline exercise safe? A: The trampoline exercise itself is safe, because the trampoline is all designed with a soft bag, there is a protective net or fence, and there are no sharp components around it. You can rest assured that your child can enjoy play.


2.What are the safety risks of playing in trampoline park?

Although the equipment in the trampoline park uses safety protection, in order to make your trampoline safe and have fun, no matter you are the operator or the consumer, the safety protection knowledge of these trampolines should still be understood. During the trampoline park exercise, common injuries include: fractures (requires surgery in severe cases), sprains / strains, bruises, scratches and cuts, head and neck injuries, etc.


3.How did these injuries happen in trampoline park?

Landing errors when jumping;Incorrect landing on flips and somersaults (do not allow this because of risk of injury to the head and neck) Try difficult moves.;Bumped into or bumped into by another person;Drop or jump out of the trampoline. Dropped on the spring or frame.


4.How to avoid injuries in trampoline park?

Although the trampoline exercise itself is safe, you must pay attention to the safety instructions during the trampoline exercise. You must warm up before entering the trampoline in the stadium. Do not perform unsafe movements, wrong jumping and difficult movements. For example: jumping on one foot, doing somersaults, jumping on two beds in a row, chasing around in the trampoline area, etc.

Do not wear jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, etc. while training or exercising on the trampoline, because once the body falls out of balance and touches the net, it is extremely easy to hurt yourself. Remember to go on trampoline when you are tired, and you must jump under the guidance of a professional coach.

Don't put a trampoline at home! You can take your child to the trampoline hall to play. The general trampoline park venues have professional trampoline coaches to provide guidance and training, which is more secure in safety protection.

All in all, these tips can help you stay safe while visiting the trampoline park. If you follow the rules, the trampoline park is a very safe place. Most parks have supervisors to ensure that jumpers follow the rules and stay safe.


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