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how to anchor a trampoline?

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In the trampoline park, there are different types of trampoline manufacturers' equipment. When placing these amusement equipment, they must be placed in different positions according to different types of amusement equipment. In this way, children can be safe and happy while playing, and the layout of the entire playground equipment can be achieved.


This article contains the following:

  •  How to choose a trampoline in trampoline park?

  •  How to anchor a trampoline in trampoline park?

  •  Tips for playing trampoline in trampoline park


1.How to choose a trampoline in trampoline park?

The technical difficulty of a really good trampoline is far more complicated than we see. The most important thing in its design is to ensure the safety of the jumper. Safety is the most important consideration when choosing a trampoline in trampoline park. The safety characteristics of a good spring trampoline are as follows: There is no hard metal object in the place where the jumper can reach the body. For this reason, it is called the safest trampoline in the world.


2.How to anchor a trampoline in trampoline park?

1. Trampoline fence lock cable stigma includes a stigma body connected to a stigma bottom pole; the stigma body of the product has a transparent cable hole laterally, the lower hole cavity of the cable hole is used to receive the cable, and the upper part of the cable hole has a cable inlet Inner port, the inner cable inlet of the product communicates with the outer cable inlet; an elastic plate is fixed at the upper edge position of the outer cable inlet.

2. At the lower part of the outer entrance of the cable, a cable blocking portion holds the cable; the elastic lock plate of the product includes a fixing portion, which is closely connected with the stigma body; an elastic portion connects the fixing portion and the lock plate; Driven by external force, it shifts to the upper edge position. After the external force is removed, the lock plate returns to a position close to the projection of the lock plate. Compared with the prior art, the trampoline fence lock cable column head has a simple structure and is convenient to use. The cable is not easy to come out after the cable is embedded, and the utility model is smooth and round and will not hurt the user, which is convenient for people's life and entertainment.


3.Tips for playing trampoline in trampoline park

It is not recommended that two or more people play the trampoline at the same time. Playing on the trampoline will increase the risk of injury. Therefore, in theory, children should not be allowed to play trampolines in the playground, but children will still be tempted to see other children playing. If children must play trampolines, parents must adhere to these safety recommendations.

Choose a trampoline with a safety net and protective pads. A qualified trampoline should be fitted with a mesh fence; the trampoline frame, springs, and surrounding landing surfaces should be covered with protective mats. Inspect the equipment for tears, shedding and deterioration.

Choose a stable trampoline on the ground. Falling from a higher surface increases the risk of injury. Keep a safe distance between the trampoline and trees and other hazardous areas.

Limit dangerous movements. Without supervision and guidance, children are not allowed to turn over or perform other potentially dangerous actions on a trampoline. Do not allow children under 6 to use trampolines. Only one person is allowed to use the trampoline at a time.

Parents are supervising the whole process. Parents need to be on the lookout and educate their children at all times to prevent them from making dangerous actions without supervision.


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