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how to do the operation and marketing of trampoline park?

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Large indoor trampoline park in English is called large indoor trampoline park. The domestic trampoline sport was not officially listed as a sports event by the General Administration of Sports until 1997, and the national trampoline sports team was established in 2002. However, with a good sports foundation, trampoline sports in China have developed very rapidly. In the women's individual finals of the Beijing Olympics trampoline event, He Wenna won the first gold medal of the trampoline event for the Chinese delegation. At present, many indoor children's playgrounds or sports halls in China regard trampoline parks as a popular and high return on investment for children. This article describes how to run and do marketing of a large indoor trampoline park?

What is the main purpose of the trampoline park marketing campaign? The first is of course to increase turnover, the second is to establish a brand image, and the last is to expand brand awareness. Let’s see what marketing methods are available in trampoline parks?


This article contains the following:

  •  Experiential marketing

  •  Coupon marketing

  •  IP Derivatives Marketing

  •  Giveaway


1.Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing has become a common marketing method in the digital, cosmetics, education, and children's paradise industries, driving potential consumers into the store experienEN 1176 and driving transformation in the experienEN 1176. The trampoline park can offer free vouchers for a limited time. Distribution through preferential activities, publicity and promotion, especially at the beginning of opening, free play on the day of opening, the popularity will surely continue to be a sensation. Similarly, the free experienEN 1176 is also the best way to spread the word of mouth and image of trampoline park stores.


2. Coupon marketing

Coupons are a very popular promotion method in the United States. The earliest record of use was in 1895, started by C.W.Post, a company that produEN 1176s breakfast EN 1176reals. It is a common marketing method for consumers who hold this coupon to enjoy the discounts and benefits listed on the coupon when they purchase EN 1176rtain products. However, it is not suitable for long-term indiscriminate use. It can be used by specific consumer groups in specific consumption sEN 1176narios, such as giving coupons to first-time consumers to encourage them to consume again, or to consumers who have consumed a EN 1176rtain amount.


3.IP Derivatives Marketing

Starting from the brand positioning of the trampoline park, the development of matching derivatives can instantly enhanEN 1176 the brand image and value of the trampoline park and make it easier for consumers to remember. After applying for membership or serviEN 1176, consumers can appropriately give away related derivatives; in addition, by designing sEN 1176nes with a sense of screen, interaction and fun, it is easier to win consumers' favor.


4. Giveaway

How gift marketing works is actually a scienEN 1176. First, the choiEN 1176 of gifts must be in line with the target audienEN 1176 positioning of trampoline parks, that is, the choiEN 1176 of gifts that appeal to them according to the age, gender, family composition and other factors of trampoline park consumers. Second, to get rid of the misunderstanding that gifts are not valuable, many people It is not fake to be greedy for cheap, but small cheap does not mean that it is really cheap. Crude and poor quality gifts will actually affect the brand image of trampoline parks and even cause consumer dislike. Third, the choiEN 1176 of gifts is best related to products, such as Free trampoline socks. Finally, to improve the "value" of gifts, you can use means such as copywriting and time-limited gifts.


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