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how to judge the quality of the trampoline park?

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In the choice of each product, investors not only value the attractiveness of the equipment but also the life of the equipment, which affects the actual production ratio of the trampoline park.This article will introduce the life of various equipment in the trampoline park.


This article contains the following:

  1.  Trampoline steel frame

  2.  Trampoline soft bag

  3.  Trampoline

  4.  Spring

  5.  Benefit analysis of trampoline park


1.Trampoline steel frame

You need to find it carefully in a trampoline park to be able to see the trampoline steel frame. Generally, this type of high-quality steel frame is chosen to fix the trampoline surface. Soft bag, the general service life is about 8 years.


2. Trampoline soft bag

The soft bag is to avoid direct collision between the trampoline and the trampoline shelf. Generally speaking, the trampoline soft bag is made of PVC leather and pearl cotton. The life of PVC leather is about 3 years.



The common part of the trampoline surface is made of PP material, and its color is blue, black, and yellow. This trampoline surface can well carry the player to assist the player to complete various trampoline jumping actions. However, the bearing capacity of this trampoline surface is dynamic and static in the atmosphere. Generally, the static pressure is 600 kg, while the dynamic pressure is 260 kg. The life of a standard trampoline surface can reach 5 years, but the life of a non-standard trampoline surface is only about 3 years.



There are 14 springs in each trampoline surface. This spring is made of 80 # manganese steel, but there are 116 springs in professional trampolines. The specifications of the two springs are different. The spring life of a spring made of sponge material is 300,000 times. This sponge depends on the use of the player.


5.Benefit analysis of trampoline park

For an investment project such as the trampoline park, many investors have already tasted the sweetness from it and are willing to continue to launch new projects in various cities. The reason why investors are willing to do this tirelessly is because in their eyes, the analysis of the benefits of trampoline parks is very clear. You only need to make a one-time investment in the previous period, and the subsequent profits can be said to be continuous.

First, regarding the analysis of the benefits of trampoline parks, we can summarize them from two aspects, first of all, the investment of the project. For a mature project, the initial investment of the trampoline hall is necessary. The key is how much to invest. If the trampoline park project is in the first-tier cities, the investment is about 100,000 yuan. This is mainly because the rents in the first-tier cities are relatively expensive and occupy most of the initial investment. In fact, if the investment in trampoline equipment alone is mentioned, tens of thousands of yuan will be enough. If it is in a third or fourth tier city, then the investment will be less. A few thousand yuan or tens of thousands of yuan can build a good trampoline park. Looking at it this way, the amount of the entire investment is considered to be at the middle and lower levels among all the currently invested projects. Especially for some investors who lack funds or want to start a business, projects that can be invested for tens of thousands of dollars will undoubtedly lower their investment threshold and greatly reduce the risk of the entire investment.


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