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how to play games on a trampoline?

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In recent years, trampoline sports have become popular in China, and major trampoline parks have sprung up. As a fan of unfamiliar sports and fitness, as a lover, you can simply popularize the types and methods of trampoline.


This article contains the following:

  1. Trampoline park management tips

  2. Reasons for the poor service of some trampoline parks

  3. "Two Nos" for Trampoline Park Operators



Participate in the trampoline challenge, compete with your friends and become the first. Traditionally, this game should be combined with a basketball court, because its basic rules also apply to trampoline sports.

game rules:Toss a coin or rock-paper-scissors to decide who comes first. If the first player chooses an action and successfully lands, the next player must do the same action at the same location. If someone fails, he will get a letter, and so on. When one of them gathered the five letters "H-O-R-S-E", he was out. However, don't use any tricks, safety first.


2."Battle" of rebound

Like HORSE games, rebound games may theoretically involve some tricks. But unlike HORSE games, real rebound combat is a purely endurance game. As far as trampoline games are concerned, rebound games tend to be more of a competitive sport.

game rules:This game requires two or more players to compete. Players do seat-descent moves until they have no energy to continue. The first one to stop or lose balance gets a lone silver medal (unless there are other players). If you are not willing to win the silver medal, then you can choose to make up for seat drop or other kinds of trampoline exercises.


3.Simon says

Another traditional game can be applied to trampoline. "Simon said" is a great way for teens to want to train strength and hone their concentration skills.

game rules:"Simon said," At least three people need to play together. One person was designated as "Simon". Simon gives a set of rules that other players must follow. Each player must repeat "Simon says, do _______" while they perform a move or trick. If the player forgets to say "Simon said," then they are out! Hold on to the last person to get the ultimate victory!



Dodgeball is obviously one of the best trampoline games. Trampoline dodgeball is more interesting than traditional dodgeball because it requires more hand-eye coordination and space recognition. No longer is simply jumping and hitting your target.

game rules:Divide your players into teams of equal numbers and line up on both sides of the trampoline court. Evenly distribute dodgeballs to all players. Once the game starts, the goal is to hit the opponent's team. Once someone is hit, get out. However, you can catch the opponent's ball and let them out. The team that knocks down the opponent first wins. Note that this will be your most competitive sport when playing trampoline games.



Trampoline games are no better than slam dunk challenges. At Rockin'Jump, you can practice some gentle moves or play basketball.

game rules: You can use the rules of the HORSE game or you can just want to improve your dunk skills.


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