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how to start a trampoline park business?

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The trampoline theme park is now in full swing in major cities. For investors to build a trampoline park, site selection is not only a top priority, but also a necessary condition for its success. Therefore, the trampoline venue selection must be clear of the following three points.


This article contains the following:

  • Objective conditions of trampoline park

  • Choice of entrance and exit of trampoline park

  • Planning and project equipment selection

  • Seeking change

  • Transposition thinking


1. Objective conditions of trampoline park

Objective problems are unavoidable, such as pillars, security doors, sewers, obstacles, lamp posts, etc. The clever use of these objects is one of the design highlights. When measuring the site, pay more attention to these places and communicate with the designer in time to prevent problems during implementation.


2. Choice of entrance and exit of trampoline park

The spacious entrance can avoid the congestion of passenger flow, bring a good experience to customers, and prevent abnormal situations. It should also be considered that parents can easily enter and leave the park when carrying a stroller or wheelchair.


3.Planning and project equipment selection

For a large indoor bungee trampoline, early planning and equipment selection are the top priorities. Generally speaking, the trampoline park mainly includes five areas: interactive trampoline area, slam dunk area, sponge ball pool area, dodge ball area, and children's extended play area. The larger the area, the more options can be selected.

  In addition to site planning, amusement equipment is also an important part of the competitiveness of trampoline parks. The combination of fun games and traditional trampolines is also very novel and attracts attention.


4. Seeking change

  In this era of rapid pace of development, how can the development of jumping trampoline bed be synchronized with people's needs? It is very important to seek the idea of change. Functional requirements under some good management skills should be Keep it down.

  However, if there is a method that is more in line with the development of trampoline venues, it may be possible to make some changes in it, such as adding new cool projects, thoughtful services, effective publicity and promotion, and perfect systems.

  Do a good job of market research and improve the management between systems. Such venues can be more in line with the identity of players, and players are more willing to play in them. A little bit of accumulated experience in this way can make the venue more popular.

5.Transposition thinking

 The trampoline park is actually a service category in terms of industry. Since it is a service industry, it must be a good service project. How can we make the service project the best? We need to change our position and think, imagine that we are a consumer, how can we get the best service.

From the player's perspective, think about what type of decoration style young people will like now. The role of decoration is not only to look good, but also to gain the favor of players, and players can have similar interests. In addition to the project construction, there must be a rest place in the indoor place. If you want to know what parents really need, you can get it invisible here.

For the design and planning of the trampoline park, we must not do patchwork and change of random projects. The obvious style and theme design is the premise of popular now. Fashion frontier project investment is the key to enhancing the differentiated needs of project impressions.


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