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keeping trampoline park guests interested

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In many cases, operators want their venues to be profitable in the long-term. So how do you know how to keep trampoline park guests interested?

This article contains the following:

  • Trampoline park to do experiential marketing

  • Holiday-themed activities in trampoline parks

  • Brand promotion for trampoline park

  • Word-of-mouth marketing in trampoline parks

  • How to make trampoline parks attract more people

1.Trampoline park to do experiential marketing

Free trials are the most tempting way to promote trampoline parks. At the beginning of the opening or the day of opening free of charge, the popular popularity will definitely cause a sensation, and of course, the popularity of the park is full. Consumer experience sharing after free play is also an important part of the publicity of the park. For example: send pictures and videos of consumers 'play to friends circles, Douyin, Weibo, etc., forward friends' accumulation activities through friends, and go to the store to get free play places.

2.Holiday-themed activities in trampoline parks

In summer, winter, children's day, National Day, and other major holidays, the trampoline park can hold a variety of entertainment activities. For example, during holidays or anniversaries, regular promotions or sweepstakes for specific groups are held to facilitate attracting popularity, increase consumer participation, enhance consumer brand recognition and trust, expand the influence of trampoline parks, and help Paradise quickly occupied the market. The rich form and content of activities is an indispensable factor in the operation of trampoline parks. The activities have great appeal to consumers, and also help to increase the brand gold content of trampoline parks, so that consumers have a strong brand identity.

3.Brand promotion for trampoline park

After the trampoline park itself reaches a certain scale, quality, image, and culture, it already has intangible assets. You can also consider co-branding and marketing with related industries to achieve win-win and win-win results, and the alliance product itself should have a positive effect. The image of the image and the image of the trampoline park can complement each other. The combination of the two can promote each other, which has a joint meaning.

4.Word-of-mouth marketing in trampoline parks

As the saying goes: The gold cup and silver cup are not as good as the word of mouth of ordinary people, so the word of mouth of consumers is very important. For word-of-mouth marketing, the service attitude of trampoline parks is very important. Maintaining a good service attitude, consumers are happy and happy, and good word of mouth will gradually spread, and the chances of successfully tapping potential consumers are even greater.

5.How to make trampoline parks attract more people

1. Amusement facilities in indoor parks must be attractive, complete and novel

① New small toys can be introduced regularly, such as sense toys or balls

② Subject to certain conditions, the theme of the park can be changed monthly or once every three months.

③ can give some small gifts

2. The indoor environment must be comfortable

① Clean, tidy, and fresh (clean and disinfect every day!)

② Ventilation must be in place! Let players breathe fresh air!

③ Air conditioning must be adequate in summer! Don't make customers feel like they are in a sauna

3.enhance the internal management of the park

① The staff members dress uniformly, showing the management norms and professionalism of the park.

②Recruit suitable staff of the park, train the staff of the park, and strengthen the cultivation of responsibility. It is recommended that teachers with experience in preschool education can be recruited so that children can be guided properly and activities can be increased in the park to increase the Playability of the park, etc.

③ From ticket purchase to admission, the efficiency should be high.

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