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what are some fun games in an indoor playground?

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With enough different games in hand, you can create stations on the indoor playground just like you would in a classroom. The list of playground games below includes not only today's games, but also some of the best playground games of the past. With these choices, you will no longer have those who feel left out on the other side of the playground. So what are the fun games you could find in an indoor playground or skywalk, slide, please read this article about this.

The following are the listed fun games:

  •  Capture the flag

  •  Four Square

  •  Doggy doggy where is your bone

  • Hand clap games

  •  Treasure hunt

1. Capture the flag

At the start of the game, each team must line up at its own home. After starting, the players ran towards the flag on the other end as fast as possible without being caught by the opponent.

If they are followed by their opponents, they will be imprisoned in the opponent's "jail" on the indoor playground until their own players arrive safely, grab them, and return them to their team again.

The first team to grab the flag and send it back safely wins the game. Players should create a strategy so that they are not caught up or hidden behind obstacles. This game not only allows kids to exercise, but also their strategic thinking and team building in an indoor playground.

2. Four Square

Each player stands in a square of the indoor playground, and the squares are numbered from 1 to 4, with 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest. Each player must pass the ball to the opponent and the ball must bounce once to catch the ball.

The person standing in the first cell can make additional rules, and anyone who violates the rules must be eliminated from the game. This is another game of practicing strategic thinking, including the following instructions and hand-eye coordination.

3. Doggy doggy where is your bone

This is a simple game that is suitable for kids of all ages and can be played in a indoor playground or outdoors. A player is selected as a "dog". "When another player steals the bone, the dog must turn around to hide their eyes. After the bone is stolen and hidden, the dog must turn around to guess who stole the bone.

Younger children will like to guess until they guess the right person, but older children should limit the number of times they guess. When "Dog" guesses who took the bone, the two players will swap places and the game will restart. The game should continue until everyone has a chance to become a dog or until the time allowed is up.

This is another game for critical thinking while playing in an indoor playground.

4. Hand clap games

The clap game is a game where you learn to rhyme early in life. Like Pat-a-Cake, Miss Mary Mack and Miss Susie are just some of the many common games that children of all ages love to play. They are easy to perform at an indoor playground or outdoors, and you will often find two people singing similar tunes on the playground.

By clapping their hands and then clapping their legs, they can maintain their own rhythm, but when one person messes up, the other person interrupts. This is a great way to develop their hand-eye coordination, improve their memory skills, and learn to develop their love of music and rhyme.

5. Treasure hunt

This game is a lot like a treasure hunt game, suitable for anyone of any age. One person will hide all the items in advance and let other players find them. You can write clues on a note for older children, or write down everything that was hidden for younger children.

When you play with children of different ages, consider having older children help younger children when you use clues. When children find everything they have, they should go back to a "home" to count. The player who finds the most items or finds the item first wins. This is a good game to exercise critical thinking when you are playing in an indoor playground.

There are lots of other games that are also have fun. In a word, the indoor playground is full of adventure and stands there for you to explore.


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