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what are the components of the trampoline park?

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How hot is the trampoline park? I believe you don’t need to introduce it. This new entertainment project is popular all over the world. In addition to the Internet, a variety of entertainment projects and thousands of ways of playing are the main reasons for his popularity. How fun is the trampoline park? What are the fun items in the trampoline park? This article will introduce you to the fun entertainment items in the trampoline park.


This article contains the following:

  • What are the items in the trampoline park

  • free trampoline area

  • Slam Dunk

  • Dodgeball

  • bubble football area

  • trampoline parkour

  • Sponge pool area

  • Climbing area

  • Spider tower

  • Net Red Sticky Music


1.What are the items in the trampoline park

free trampoline area, slam dunk area,dodge ball area,bubble football area,trampoline parkour, sponge pool area,climbing wall ,spider tower,net red sticky music,stick ,Professional trampoline area,Ninja way,Russian turntable project,Dry snow slide,Maze trampoline,Slide project ,Naughty castle,Devil slide,High-altitude platform.

2.free trampoline area

The free trampoline area as a separate big trampoline can provide you with more space for free movement, experience a more pure trampoline play experience without restraint, flip up and down, jump left and right, various fancy jumping methods for you to jump, fun When you fly, it can also help you burn fat. Come and burn calories ~

3.Slam Dunk

Shoot a ball on the trampoline, and use the trampoline's elasticity to jump lightly to complete a textbook-like fancy dunk!


The large dodging court can accommodate multiple people to enter the competition at the same time, which is more exciting and more enjoyable. The group building and gatherings at the end of the year no longer have to worry about nothing new, this is arranged!

5.bubble football area

Punch ball is the originator of entertainment entertainment network. With puck, a PK match is essential.

6.trampoline parkour

Trampoline parkour is an outdoor parkour-like project consisting of multiple trampolines and obstacles, but it is safer. This project is suitable for people over 7 years old.Practitioners have fun by using a series of movements such as running, climbing, overturning and rolling, and using trampolines and obstacles to complete some professional parkour moves.

7.Sponge pool area

The sponge pool area is filled with a large number of sponges. Players can fly into the sponge pool in various ways, experience various feelings of flying people, and free themselves.

8.Climbing area

Climbing up the climbing wall is a challenge of persistence, and friends who are not afraid of heights can challenge it. Even if you jump down, there are tens of thousands of sponges gently catching you. Fun climbing with professional protectors can exercise children's physical functions very well, which is a sport that children like very much.

9.Spider tower

Exciting 5 star spider tower, the kind of falling from layer to layer buffering from the height, let you instantly adrenaline soar!

10.Net Red Sticky Music

Wearing a magic coat, hopping against the wall, using the elasticity of the trampoline, pinpointed the position to leap backward, and successfully hung on the magic wall. You can swing and dance in a variety of funny poses. If you want to know other products for example ClimbingMini Trampoline, just click us.


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