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what factors need to be considered before investing in trampoline park business?

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The trampoline park project can be said to be the first choice because of the current promotion effect and excellent entertainment. However, the best thing about the trampoline park investment project is professional trampoline manufacturers. What problems should investors pay attention to in this net red and blue ocean project?


This article contains the following:

  •  Investment location

  •  Venue positioning and functional project design

  •  Rich project content

  •  the holiday activities of the trampoline park


1.Investment location

Although trampoline park for kids is now a new industry, it is also inseparable from the service industry supported by passenger flow consumption. The main source of income is the consumption-driven store revenue. Only after choosing the right location of the venue can we get the most sufficient passenger flow. For example, urban centers, densely populated areas, and transportation hubs are all good choices, but these prerequisites still need to take into account their actual investment capabilities.


2. Venue positioning and functional project design

The trampoline series is a type of exercise, but there are still differences from traditional sports. The trampoline is more creative and innovative. It integrates everyone's favorite e-sports and basketball and forms the perfect "trampoline +" project. However, it is worth mentioning that for different types of venues, more accurate positioning and functional design of project functions are required. The choice of positioning and function can be contacted by Liben Group. More professional guidance and design are the core key of the venue.


3. Rich project content

Store operation is the core point of the trampoline park's profitability, but the diversity of its projects is the key to attracting traffic to the venue, because rich projects and bright decoration can ensure the normal profitability of the venue. Increasing the player's viscosity to the trampoline park is also the key. The method of enhancing the viscosity can learn more knowledge through the official website of the Group.


4. the holiday activities of the trampoline park

The flow of people in the trampoline hall is actually similar to that of ordinary paradise, and it is generally concentrated on Saturdays, weekends, winter and summer holidays, and holiday holidays. The trampoline hall can plan and organize the corresponding theme activities according to different types of holidays. For example, the "June 1" trampoline hall can host a "parent-child interaction" family interaction program to promote family feelings and feel the warmth of the home, thereby creating a good feeling and belonging to the trampoline hall; And love atmosphere scene, so couples can play at the scene, etc.

Some space can be reserved in the trampoline hall for hosting group activities, such as birthday parties, corporate group building, and various evening parties. They are a considerable source of income for the venue, especially during the off-season of the week. Shoved.

For the trampoline park from the early stage to the matters needing attention are introduced here, if you are interested in doing a trampoline franchise project, you can contact Mich Amusement, a professional operation venue construction and equipment production for decades, with independent production workshops and professional Team,many kinds of operation items are worth your choice. We can also supply mini trampoline.


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