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what to look out for at trampoline parks?

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Many entrepreneurs are very concerned about how much investment it takes to open a trampoline hall before doing a trampoline park project, and then when they are really determined to do it, they will face more questions about the operation of the trampoline hall. Today I will analyze and invest for you Some things to note when opening a trampoline hall.


This article contains the following:

Consumer positioning of trampoline parks

Decoration of the trampoline park environment

Do a good job in the opening activities of the trampoline park


1. Consumer positioning of trampoline parks

The trampoline hall has a more novel and exciting gameplay than the traditional children's playground. It is more widely applicable to the crowd. In addition to the children can jump, its more athletic trampoline is actually more suitable for adults. This is the trampoline park on the vibrato platform. The degree of popularity is evident. Therefore, before investing in the trampoline hall, we must first analyze the crowd structure around the venue, clarify which are the main consumer groups of our trampoline hall, and do a good job in positioning the venue type.

If the consumer group of the trampoline hall is concentrated in children aged 0-12 years old, when planning the trampoline equipment, you can choose more playground equipment that children like. In addition to trampolines, you can choose according to the characteristics of players of different age groups. Set different functional devices, such as ocean ball, sand pool, interactive projection equipment, character experience area, etc., so that the trampoline park can better meet the needs of children of different ages.

For venues where adults or teenagers are the majority, players' consumption is mainly for relaxing or experiencing stimulus projects, and the popularity of net red vibrato trampoline videos has driven the consumer desire of trampoline park adults. Adults are more pursuing exciting, innovative and Internet celebrity amusement projects, so try to put some Internet celebrity items that are more popular on the vibrato, such as trampoline sticky walls, devil's slides, indoor climbing, and net red spider tower (a drop After all) and other popular items.


2.Decoration of the trampoline park environment

Personalized trampoline park environment decoration, stylish and cool play equipment, clear and prominent themes, these are the ways that can quickly make the trampoline hall stand out from the competition. In addition, from the perspective of consumer psychology, the more personalized the decoration design, the more opportunities for adult celebrities to punch cards. With the rapid spread from the media era, personalized venue design becomes very important.

In addition, the soft environment of the trampoline site, such as its own safety, hygiene, and the quality of the site equipment, are also important factors for the later operation of the venue. We can consider placing aromatherapy, posters, and playing warm and lively music in the venue to bring customers a comfortable and pleasant experience from the visual, olfactory, and auditory perspectives, enhance the customer experience, and stimulate high-frequency consumption.


3.Do a good job in the opening activities of the trampoline park

The opening of the trampoline hall is an important part of establishing a customer's priority impression, and it is also a good time to increase awareness and drainage. The trampoline hall does a good job of propaganda activities and event planning, which can effectively disseminate the information of the trampoline hall in a timely manner. The atmosphere of the event site can give customers a good impression, which can also refer to the so-called anchoring principle. Therefore, when planning the opening event, we must try our best to promote the gameplay, projects, opening discounts, etc. of the trampoline hall to customers. Generally,


we can use the conventional means of free distribution of experience vouchers and gifts to keep consumers paying attention to the store's public account, which is convenient for later information. Push. If you want to know more about Ninja Course/ Warrior,Outdoor Fitness Equipment, just contact us.


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