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when did trampolines become popular?

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In the development of the amusement industry in recent years, the indoor trampoline park has always been a popular place for recreational projects, especially the newly upgraded trampoline park. Why is this? The popularity of indoor trampoline parks actually has a stage. Sexual.


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when did trampolines become popular?

Trampoline park encounters short video platform opportunities

The value of trampoline park sports


1.when did trampolines become popular?

First of all, the trampoline sport was well-known in the 2000 and 2000 Olympic Games, and it became a popular sport in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. But what really made the trampoline park develop in China was in 2013, at that time the first recreational trampoline park appeared in China. After years of development and continuous upgrading of the project, this has also made the trampoline park a very popular project for everyone. But what we have to notice is the strength of its trampoline project and the strength of its publicity.


2.Trampoline park encounters short video platform opportunities

First, the trampoline park encountered a short video platform and got the opportunity for development.

In 2017, the domestic short video platform has reached a hot rise, whether it is watermelon video, vibrato video, fast video or other video platforms have developed to a certain extent. People like this way, so they also like to share real-life fun facts on these platforms, so the trampoline project, which has a certain interest in itself, has a foothold in short videos.

At the current stage, the number of likes in the trampoline park on the vibrato platform has exceeded one million and the number of broadcasts is in the hundreds of millions. This shows that the public's acceptance of the trampoline project is still relatively high, and they all agree on this form of entertainment and sports.


3. The value of trampoline park sports

1. There is no age limit for trampoline

As long as you have a heart that wants to exercise, you can forget all your troubles in the trampoline park. The equipment in the Liben trampoline park is an interactive trampoline play project that integrates entertainment and fun, which can make more Players develop healthy in it.

 2. Trampoline exercise is good for physical and mental health

The trampoline itself is an international sport. Long-term adherence to the trampoline is conducive to the healthy development of body and mind. It can increase the ability of the full range of limbs to achieve physical fitness. For young children, trampoline exercise can strengthen bone growth, promote health, strengthen metabolism, and reduce obesity.

3. Trampoline exercise relieves stress in life

    Jumping on the trampoline while going through the barriers, with the aid of sponges, as a combination of tradition and technology, Mich trampoline makes the entire industry of trampoline parks develop a more brilliant light.

    The Mich trampoline park developed with the characteristics of creativity, interaction, and experience should be distinguished from the ordinary trampoline parks on the market. This is the best project for investors. We also provide Indoor Playground, Climbing just follow us.


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