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who should be responsible for the safety accident on trampoline?

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The current trampoline park has been sought after by many people. Within a few years, the trampoline park has become a popular amusement product.However, behind this trampoline joy, some safety accidents will inevitably occur. In order for investors to correctly understand the nature of safety accidents and how to make correct improvements. This article will explain how to avoid such incidents.


This article contains the following:

What is trampoline park?

Safety measures

How did these injuries happen in trampoline park?


1.What is trampoline park?

In fact, from the name of the trampoline park, as the name suggests, the trampoline park is a large-scale indoor comprehensive amusement park with a combination of various aspects as the theme. To say that the true history of trampoline parks is really long, and in the process of development, it has undergone multiple technical changes to allow the trampoline to gradually develop from the sports field to the direction of entertainment. , Children's trampolines, inflatable trampolines and other types of products, and with the development and construction of children's playgrounds on the market today, trampolines have also become part of children's playgrounds. The current trampoline park has minimized safety, but the entertainment has never been reduced to a more complete play line and an indoor trampoline hall with high playability.

It is precisely because of these advantages of the trampoline park that the public is full of expectations for this project. Therefore, the popularity of each net red trampoline park is super full, but how to still maintain the park in an orderly manner among many players What about the trampoline rules? This is a big challenge for investors or operators. The trampoline construction manufacturer, which specializes in the integration of the venues in the later stages, has established the Group to bring you several high-value ways!


2.Safety measures

  1. Fill in safety instructions: This is the most direct and easiest way for players to remember. Before they enter the stadium, let them know the correct trampoline play rules and some methods of use in the trampoline park.

  2. Coach guidance: Generally speaking, generally large indoor trampoline parks take into account the differences between some basic players and advanced players. Two different trampoline areas, a professional trampoline area and a free trampoline area will be set up in the stadium. In the free trampoline area, team coaches are needed to explain the basics to these new students.

3. Warm Tips: Warm prompts are posted on the fence net of each trampoline game area, teaching players to follow relevant trampoline rules, maintain equipment and facilities in the stadium, and do not destroy the sanitation in the stadium.



1. There should be no less than two safety exits on the site. It is best to have an independent entrance. When the shopping mall is a high-rise building, separate entrances must be provided. No obstructions should be placed at the fire exit.

2. The laying of electrical lines must meet the requirements of the specification, and the pipes must be in place. When using high-power electrical appliances, keep a sufficient distance from combustibles.

3. Formulate practical emergency evacuation plans, and organize drills regularly to keep the evacuation routes open. The site must have a safe passage of 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters.

4. Equipped with adequate firefighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lighting for fire accidents and evacuation instructions.

If the trampoline park does not want these safety accidents, it is necessary to improve the safety index in the stadium. You can maintain the trampoline park's Safe and healthy play, we also provide Indoor Playground, Mini Trampoline,contact us.


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