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How to play drop slide?

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Drop slides are very important to the development of children. Playing and learning are the most direct ways to provide some good play opportunities and environments that will enable them to achieve the basic purpose of playing and learning in the first stage of life. Through play, children not only exercise, develop motor skills, and improve balance and coordination, but also learn to communicate, stimulate potential, and improve cognitive and language skills in social activities. In the spring season, parents can take their babies to the children's playground to play. On the one hand, exercise your baby's limbs and improve his mobility; on the other hand, let your baby observe the activities of older children and stimulate your baby's desire to play with drop slides.


l Here are a few ways to play the drop slide:

l The physical principle of drop slide:


Here are a few ways to play the drop slide:

1. Drop slide down the ladder with the help of adults. When the baby can sit independently, mom and dad can take the baby to play with the drop slide. Dad or mom hold the baby sitting on the drop slide, hands under the baby's armpits, and say: "Oh, the plane is flying". When the baby has played a few times and has experienced, the father and mother only need to put the baby on the drop slide, the mother squats at the bottom of the drop slide, and the father stands by the drop slide to look after the baby and let the baby drop slide down by himself.

2. When the baby can wobble and walk, mom and dad can take the baby to play with the low and slow drop slide. Put your hands under your baby's armpits, help your baby climb to the top of the drop slide, and encourage your baby to drop slide down.

3. Babies play with the drop slide independently. When the baby can play on a tall drop slide, let the baby climb up the drop slide and drop slide down.


The physical principle of drop slide:

The principle of the steepest curve. There are two kinds of drop slides, one is straight and the other is curved, and its sliding surface is a spiral line. Assuming the same height of the two drop slides, when two children of exactly the same weight drop slide down from the top of the drop slide at the same time, the first to reach the ground are not the child who rides on the straight drop slide, but the child who rides on the sliding surface of the spiral line. Because children on the drop slide can drop slide down because of the role of gravity. When the slope of the drop slide surface is different at the same time, the gravitational force received in the direction of the drop slide is also different. The greater the gravity component, the greater the acceleration of the drop slide, the faster the speed increase. When sliding along a straight-line drop slide, the acceleration of the drop slide remains constant, and the speed rises steadily. When descending along with the wheel line drop slide, the sliding board in the first section of the slope is very large, so the children who drop slide can obtain a high speed in a very short period of time. Although, in the second half of the descent, the slope gradually decreases and the speed slowly increases, the speed of descent is already very high at this time.


Therefore, the average speed of sliding along the surface of the wheel line is very high during the whole descent phase. Even though the drop slide length of a spiral drop slide is longer than that of a straight drop slide, the drop slide time of a spiral drop slide is shorter than that of a straight drop slide. This has been proven in mathematics and physics. That is to say, under the same conditions and at the same height, the time to drop slide down the wheel line is the shortest.

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