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Mich Modern Outdoor Swing Set for Sale

Size: L3.0xW1.0xH2.3m
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Outdoor Playground Structure

1. Column 

- Ø114mm galvanized steel pipe

- Welding using argon arc welding and CO2 gas shielded welding

- Professional technicians carry out degreasing, phosphating and sandblasting

- The surface is cured by electrostatic powder coating line

- Smooth surface, Strong UV resistance, Bright color, Not easy to fall off, Corrosion resistance

Outdoor Playground Columnmich Outdoor playground

2. Swing Fastener

- Aluminum

3. Swing Seat

- Rope: Combination rope steel with PP

- Seat Size Option: Diameter 70cm or 1m

- Rope Color Option: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Beige

rope swing seathigh quality rope swing seat

Free Design

Experienced design team provide free customized design

Available to design disabled kids outdoor playground


Packaging Material: Bubble film, plastic film, cotton

mich outdoor playground packing-1mich outdoor playground packing-2


Mich installation staff paid to assist on-site installation or free custom installation drawing

Certificate and Membership

- CE Certificate:

EN 71-1: 2005+A9

EN 71-2: 2011

EN 71-3: 1994+A1: 2000+AC: 2002

- ASTM Organizational Member

- IAPT Member

- IAAPA Member

mich outdoor playground CE certificateASTM certificated trampoline park manufacturerIATP membership trampoline park manufacturerIAAPA membership trampoline park manufacturer

Mich Factory

The factory is located in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, China(3 hours High-Speed Rail from Shanghai)

Mich Playground Co., Ltd.

Mich Playground Co., Ltd.

Mich Playground Co., Ltd.

Mich Playground Co., Ltd.Mich factory

Mich factoryMich factory

Mich factoryMich factory


Mich attend IAAPA Asia, Europe, US (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), DEAL (Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition), AAA (Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo), CAAPA (China Beijing Attractions Expo) every year.

iaapa-expo-asia-mich 2022iaapa-expo-europe-mich 2022iaapa-expo-mich 2022DEAL 2022 mich

AAA 2022 mich       CAAPA 2022 mich


The professional manufacturer establish in 2009



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