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Playground Equipments

MICH offers a wide range of services to meet your playground equipment needs. Indoor playground, trampoline park, outdoor playground, etc. for kids and adults, such as soft play toys, spring rocking, swing, seesawing, climbing and so on are all in here. Strictly quality checking rules, meet certificate  ASTM,TUV, etc.
If you are intersted in, please feel free to contact us (info@playground.com.cn).

Space themed kids indoor soft playground is one of Mich classical theme. Most design main color used dark blue, recent years Mich launched other colors like red and white, gray and white, macaron series to meet the diversity of clients. In space theme elements, we used robots, spaceship, rocket, astronaut, etc. For playground games there are various to choose, ball pit, zipline, tube slides, spiral slides, donut slides, roller slides, trampoline, climbing tunnels, soft plays, etc. The all manufacturing procedures are followed EN 1176-1:2017, EN1176-3:2017, EN1176-10:2008, AfPS GS 2014:01 standard. Also has 1 year warranty. With the development of the global aerospace industry, aerospace has become a children's dream. You can't go wrong with choosing the space theme as the main theme of the indoor playground.

The following are our popular playground equipment, and our customers are very recognized.
Our amusement equipment is sold around the world.
The trampoline park is popular around the world.it include free zone,basketball area,dodgeball area,foam pit area,cageball area,etc.if you have find location,Amusement trampoline games function design is available for customizing.
Indoor soft playground suitable for 1-12 year-old children to play, and now more and more parents like to play with children.We can better accompany with our children.Soft playgrond have children areas,development areas, sea ball pool,etc.and we can desgin according to your requirements.
Mobile Game Center is an ideal party to rent birthdays, weddings and celebrations for children to enjoy. We provide a secure and interesting mobile game center for your event or party. Make your next event stand out to keep your children entertained.
Outdoor playground suitable for 1-12 year-old children to play, have soft play,fitness equipments,etc.it can be keep our health.The playground equipment is popular in outdoor.such as park,kindergarten,etc.we can desgin according to your requirements.


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