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Soft Indoor Play Area Taboos Safety Items You Should Take CareBreak

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It is a common idea that indoor playground is built for children, so most people will choose the soft indoor playground project. However, with people's pursuing of softness, children will lose a lot of fun.

Will the soft indoor playground not go wrong? Indoor playground provided by the  merchants is basically set up to attract customers, so there is little clear and specific specification for the use of the soft indoor playground. As long as you are willing to play, then you can play. Once there are too many children in the play area, it would be inevitable that conflicts are going to appear due to children's playing with toys and indoor soft play equipment.

This is a problem that cannot be prevented even if its type is soft. The soft indoor playground is an area for children to play and is usually managed by a dedicated person. However, once there are too many children, managers canaregoing to be too busy to look after them.

In addition, some rides have their own safetysecurity problems. They lack regular inspections and proper maintenance, resulting in loose parts and brokendamaged facilities. This is more likely to cause accidental injuries.

So in fact, whether indoor playground is safe or not does not concerned with its softness. it is safe andit would be damaged. As long as following aspects are assured, indoor playground can be fun and safe. You can add a lot of indoor soft play equipment, such as slides, climbing frames, tunnels, etc.

soft playground

Stable structure: You can shake it by hand to see if any parts are loose.

No safety corners: Check for protrusions or sharp corners to prevent a child from colliding when falling. Pay attention to the gaps and holes to avoid pinching.

Fence height: When the baby is sitting down, the fence should be higher than the waist. Once the height is not enough, the child will easily fall. The terrain is soft enough and thick enough: children always forget to chase and jump when they play, and often fall easily, so the safety of the ground material is very important.

Take the indoor playground as an example. The rubber mat is a ground material with better shock absorption. Ground leveling: The rubber-based safety mat has a cushioning protection effect, which can reduce the occurrence of accidental injury. However, once the surface is damaged, the flatness is not enough, but it is easier for the child to fall during play, so it is necessary to keep the ground level.

The inclination is limited to 40 degrees: too steep a slope will cause the sliding speed to be too fast and dangerous. Set a crossbar or arch at the sliding point: Let the child squat and slide out to avoid injury caused by incorrect slide posture. There is a smooth place at the end of the slide: let the child have enough safety buffer space, and the impact will disappear completely before getting up and leaving. The distance from the wall and other facilities is at least longer than the height of the child playing the game. Once the child slips down accidentally, the body does not get stuck between the slide and the wall to avoid more damage.

To build a fun and safe indoor playground, complete softness is useless and should be broken. Once you have done above steps, your indoor playgroundcan be both safe andfunny.

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