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Mich Commercial Custom Indoor Trampoline Park

Item No.: 9103A
Specification: 36.4x89.2x9m/ 120'x293'x30'
Warranty: 1 Year
  • 9103A
  • Mich
  • 9506990000

Trampoline Structure

1. Steel Frame

Material: Black Carbon Steel

trampoline park frame

2. Jumping Mat

Material: PP mesh, double layer

Color: Grey, black, yellow, sky blue, dark blue, green

trampoline park jumping mattrampoline park pp meshtrampoline park mat

3. Soft Padding

0.45mm thick PVC covered with 6cm thick EPE

trampoline park soft padding

4. Spring

Material: 65 manganese galvanized

Length 19cm and 21cm spring

trampoline park springtrampoline park spring

5. Safety Netting

Material: high-strength nylon

Safety netting is installed under the jumping mat as the last safety protection.

When the jumping mat is torn unexpectedly, it is an emergency protection.

trampoline park Safety Netting

Trampoline Park Component Instruction

1. Free Jumping Area

trampoline park manufacturertrampoline park supplier

2. Foam Pit Area/ Airbag

trampoline park foam pittrampoline park airbag

3. Basketball Area

trampoline park basketballtrampoline park basketball

4. Dodgeball Area

dodge ball trampoline park

5. Olympic Trampoline

gymnastic olympic trampoline parkgymnastic olympic trampoline park

6. Ninja Warrior Course

trampoline park ninja warrior

7. Wipeout/Rotation Activity Area

rotating trampoline parkwhirling trampoline park

8. Parkour Area

trampoline park Parkour Area

9. Spider Wall

trampoline park spider walltrampoline park paste wall

10. Slack Line

trampoline park Slack Linetrampoline park Slack Line

11. Beam Fight

trampoline park Beam Fight

12. Climbing Wall

trampoline park foam pit with climbing walltrampoline park foam pit with climbing wall

indoor climbing wallindoor climbing wall

13. Honeycomb Trampoline

Honeycomb Trampoline park

14. Swing Bridge

trampoline park Swing Bridge with foam pittrampoline park 15.Swing Bridge with foam pit

15. Obstacle

trampoline park Obstacle

16. Rope Course/ Zipline

Indoor Rope CourseZipline with rope course

Free Design

1) Send the space CAD drawing&building surroundings

2) Tell your idea&detailed requests


trampoline park Packingtrampoline park Packing

trampoline park Packingtrampoline park Packing


1. We provide 2D+3D Installation instruction drawings

2. Based on 2D+3D Installation instruction drawings, we can send technician to your location assist to install all equipment with paid work.


ASTM certificated trampoline park manufacturerASTM certificated trampoline park manufacturer

ASTM certificated trampoline park manufacturerIATP membership trampoline park manufacturer

IAAPA membership trampoline park manufacturer

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