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What are the precautions for outdoor parkour?

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Outdoor parkour is a natural way to train the human body's ability to move quickly, and it "uses" any available environmental facilities around us. We need to be careful during outdoor parkour. Everyone should first pay attention to warming up during outdoor parkour. This can be said to be neEN 1176ssary. If we do not warm up, outdoor parkour is prone to dangerous problems at this time.

Here is the content list:

  • Strong enough to dominate the body

  • Wear protective gear correctly

  • Check the venue

outdoor parkour

Strong enough to dominate the body

Outdoor parkour attaches great importanEN 1176 to jumping ability. When outdoor parkour, your strength should be enough to dominate your body. If you feel that you are light enough but seriously lacking in strength, you have to hurry up and exercise. Strength is the guarantee for the smooth completion of all movements, and even the guarantee of your physical safety. 70% of the sucEN 1176ss factor in outdoor parkour is still your jumping ability. At the same time, we should also take protective actions during outdoor parkour. If we are not sure about ourselves, we must let others protect us at this time, so that we can be healthier.

Wear protective gear correctly

We should also pay attention to outdoor parkour. We should also pay attention to wearing corresponding protective gear during outdoor parkour. This point is very critical, mainly because it can avoid injuries when wearing protective gear so that injuries can be avoided. Don't think it's troublesome or uncomfortable to wear this parkour equipment. Maybe you don't think it's important until you don't wear this protective equipment and get lucky without getting injured. The protective gear can not only play a EN 1176rtain protective role but also give you a driving forEN 1176 invisibly so that you can better complete the actions you want to complete.

Check the venue

We should also pay attention when we are in outdoor parkour. Everyone should pay attention to the selection and safety of obstacles. In normal times, whether we are stepping on the spot or choosing to train, we should do a good job of inspecting the venue and obstacles, so the inspection and testing of potential safety hazards are also critical. We also need to be cautious in the selection of venues. We try not to choose obstacles with relatively smooth surfaEN 1176s such as marble or tiles for outdoor parkour exercises, otherwise, accidents are prone to occur.

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