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Custom Indoor Kids Mcdonalds Playground

Size: 24x18.5x6.0m Free Custom Design According Your Preferred Size, Color, Games
  • 6650A

  • Mich

  • 9506990000

  • 1 to 3 Years Old 

  • Expedition 


Soft Playground Component Instruction

1. Galvanized Steel Pipe

Diameter: 48mm, thickness: 1.5~2.5mm

Standard horizontal tube width: 117cm, each floor height: 140cm, can be adjusted according to the customer's site

    soft playground Galvanized Steel Pipe soft playground frame Steel Pipe indoor soft playground metal frame

2. Soft Playground Structure Feet

On the ground link with vertical Galvanized Steel Pipe, make sure structure stability

2 different materials:

Metal, welding with Galvanized Steel Pipe

soft playground structure metal feet

Plastic, independent accessories, put on the Galvanized Steel Pipe

soft playground structure plastic feet

3. Fastener

The shape of the fasteners is different depending on the joints.

Material: cast iron

soft playground structure Fastener

4. Galvanized Steel Pipe Soft Cover

1.5mm PVC+1.5cm foam, length 2.5m

indoor playground frame Pipe Soft Cover

5. Clamps

To fix the Galvanized Steel Pipe Cover on the Galvanized Steel Pipe

Width: 8mm, length: 25cm

indoor playground Clamps

6. Protect Net

No Knot Net: hole 4x4cm, width 3m, black, yellow, white

indoor playground No Knot Protect Net

Knot Rope Net: hole 4x4cm, width 3m, black, yellow, white

indoor playground Knot Rope Protect Net

Fine Net: hole 8mm, width 2m, black

indoor playground Protect Fine Net

7. Tie Rope

To fix the protect net on the Galvanized Steel Pipe

indoor playground Tie Rope

8. Ground Soft Padding

Material: EVA

High density, Eco

Thickness: 2cm

Size: 100x100cm

indoor playground Ground EVA mat 2cmindoor playground Ground EVA soft pad

9. Plastic Parts

Material: LLDPE (Food grade, Non-toxic)

720 degree heating molding by rotomolding furnace, product thickness 8-10mm

mich playground plastic parts raw material mich playground plastic parts raw material toning mich playground plastic parts raw material toning mich playground plastic rotomolding machine mich playground plastic finished product cutting mich playground plastic finished product 

10. Soft Parts

Soft parts including kids soft play toys, structure platforms, play obstacles, ball pit

Soft parts made with wood, foam, PVC

Different accessories have different thickness of wood and foam

Sharp and corner part use bumper strip

Platform: 1.5cm Wood+3cm Foam+PVC

Kids Play Toys: 22cm foam+PVC

china indoor playground ground soft play mich indoor playground soft climbing panel mich indoor playground soft play gamesball pit manufacturer mich

11. Braided Net Parts

Webbing width: 5cm (Different usage, slightly different thickness)

mich indoor playground Braided Net mich indoor playground Elastic rope

12. Net Rope Structure

Customized height, diameter

Roof ceiling connection

Ground steel pipe support

mich indoor playground Net Rope Structure mich indoor rainbow Net Rope playground kids Net Rope play Structure

13. Gun Games

A complete gun game set including guns, Air Compressor, soft foam balls

mich indoor playground Gun Game

14. Fibreglass (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

It has 2 equipment made with fibreglass, Fibreglass Slides and Fibreglass Decoration Board

mich indoor playground Fibreglass slides mich indoor playground Fibreglass Decoration Board

15. Slides

Donut Slides

china indoor playground Donut Slides

Fibreglass Slides

china indoor playground Fibreglass Slides

Handmade Slides

china indoor playground Handmade Slides china indoor playground small Handmade Slides

PE Board Slides

china indoor playground PE Board Slides mich indoor playground PE Board Slides

Plastic Slides

china indoor playground Plastic spiral Slides china indoor playground Plastic tube Slides china indoor playground Plastic tube spiral Slides china indoor playground Plastic spiral tube Slides

Roller Slides

china indoor playground Roller Slides

Stainless Slides

china playground Stainless Slides

Vertical Slides

china indoor playground Vertical Slides

Volcano Slides

china indoor playground Volcano Slides

16. Electric Equipment

Suitable for toddlers

china indoor playground Electric Equipment china indoor playground Electric games

17. Puzzle

Material: German Beech, water-based paint

Can be installed on steel shelves or fixed to the wall

china indoor playground kids table Puzzle gameschina indoor playground wall kids Puzzle games

18. Interactive Equipment

china indoor playground kids Interactive Equipmentball pool projector interactive games

19. Ball Pit Games

mich indoor playground kids Ball Pit Games china indoor playground kids Ball Pool Games mich indoor playground kids wall ball games

20. Climbing Structure

mich indoor playground climbing wall china indoor playground climbing equipment

21. Zipline

china indoor playground Ziplinechina indoor playground sky rider

22. Trampoline

Steel Frame: Black Carbon Steel

Jumping Mat: PP Mash with double layers

Spring: Galvanized 65 Manganese

china indoor playground custom trampoline china indoor trampoline playground china indoor playground trampoline

23. Rope Course

china indoor playground rope coursechina indoor playground 2 levels rope course

Free Design

1) Provide design area drawings

2) Communicate with sales about playground ideas

3) The design will be released within 2~4 days after the communication is over


mich playground Plastic parts Packing mich playground soft play parts Packing mich playground metal parts Packaging

                Plastic Parts Packaging                         Soft Play Parts Packaging               Metal Parts Packaging


1) We provide 2D+3D Installation instruction drawings

2) Based on 2D+3D Installation instruction drawings, we can send technician to your location assist to install all equipment with paid work.



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