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What are the basic requirements of outdoor parkour?

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Parkour combines all the freedom of movement and Parkour enthusiasts tend to see it as a lifestyle promoted by a youth subculture. It allows the practitioner to use his or her own strength to cross obstacles and reach a destination, and Parkour is not limited to certain fixed movements; the practitioner can add his or her own "unique skills" to Parkour movements to achieve unexpected results. In short, Parkour is not only a sporting art, but also a way of life, where the free spirit of running, jumping and climbing is stretched to the limit.


l The qualities required for parkour.

l The main decomposition actions of parkour:


The qualities required for parkour.

1. Physical co-ordination is important, as is talent. If you are born with good coordination, you will be able to start very quickly, but if you are born with bad coordination, you will have a bit of trouble.

2. Strength. You could say that if you don't have the strength to keep up, you will always be stuck at a certain level and not progress. Shoulders, arms, back, abdomen and lower body strength should be practiced across the board.

Singing is not necessarily a necessary quality, but it is a great help in parkour.

Singing courage. Everyone has fears, but the truth is that the more nervous you are, the more you can't let go of your body and the more likely you are to get hurt.

As well as overcoming your own demons, practice in a place like an indoor gym where there are mats and where you can practice front flips, back flips and wall flips without getting hurt. Once you have found your confidence, you can then go out and practice.


The main decomposition actions of parkour:

⒈ Basic landing: Practice from low to high, with the soles of the feet on the ground before, and the back hands on the ground (to prevent inversion), and try to keep the sound as low as possible.

⒉ Rolling: The most important action of parkour, it can cushion the impact when you roll on the ground.

⒊ Landing roll: When jumping from a high place, the impact force is converted into a forward impulse, and it can reach the next action.

⒋ Diving tumbling: a kind of tumbling extension, generally using the body to jump over obstacles (a skilled person can achieve a silent effect). Skilled diving and rolling is very helpful to practice other movements.

⒌ Balance: Practice the coordination of the body, so that it will not be unstable at high places or narrow railings, buildings, etc.

⒍ Cat climbing, cat balance: a single-line crossing method that is safer than walking on the railing. Posture is very important. The body should be as parallel to the railing as possible, and the balance point should be controlled by holding the railing with both hands. This action is rarely used in parkour, but it plays an important role in some special environments.

⒎One-leg long jump: After running, many actions involve jumping or climbing with one leg to exercise strength with one leg.

⒏ Accurate long jump: Slowly practice from the big goal to the small goal. Don't do it too quickly, or it will be dangerous. At the same time, it is a basic sublimation style that requires good concentration on the feet. Extend the action to run accurately.

⒐ Side-hands against the railing: the safety type before jumping over the railing at a high place.

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