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basic requirements of outdoor parkour

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  • What knowledge points do outdoor parkour need to learn?

    Outdoor parkour game training includes overall physical fitness. Running and jumping over obstacles requires the exercise of all muscles. Outdoor parkour adds fun to your usual static fitness activities. It encourages play while addressing practical and basic movements. So what knowledge points do we need to learn when we are in outdoor parkour?

  • Preparations for outdoor parkour

    The natural art of movement, outdoor parkour, requires neither special body structure nor additional practice equipment. The body is the only exercise tool. It takes perseverance, guts, and skill, but the benefits are clear. So what is the preparatory work for outdoor parkour, let's take a look together.

  • How to improve outdoor parkour technology?

    In outdoor parkour, we should have some understanding of skills. Outdoor parkour is a very natural movement, which is very beneficial to exercise people's bodies. Outdoor parkour is to run forward as fast as possible under the given various external environments. So how can we improve the technology of outdoor parkour?

  • What are the characteristics of outdoor parkour?

    Parkour is a very spectator-friendly urban sprint, a street sprint extreme sport that is a bit like free-running, the difference being that free-running is more about performance - spectacle - and parkour is about speed - practicality. Combined with the ape-like agility of climbing over the top. Som

  • What are the basic requirements of outdoor parkour?

    Parkour combines all the freedom of movement and Parkour enthusiasts tend to see it as a lifestyle promoted by a youth subculture. It allows the practitioner to use his or her own strength to cross obstacles and reach a destination, and Parkour is not limited to certain fixed movements; the practiti

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basic requirements of outdoor parkour

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