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What knowledge points do outdoor parkour need to learn?

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Outdoor parkour game training includes overall physical fitness. Running and jumping over obstacles requires the exercise of all muscles. Outdoor parkour adds fun to your usual static fitness activities. It encourages play while addressing practical and basic movements. So what knowledge points do we need to learn when we are in outdoor parkour?

Here is the content list:

  • Master the landing technique.

  • Learn to hang arm loops.

  • Practice on top of the vault.

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Master the landing technique.

The principles of this basic technique can also be used in more advanced outdoor parkour landings. Therefore, it is very important to learn and master this skill. You should always keep in mind the four keys to your outdoor parkour landing technique. The first is that when you land, your feet should be shoulder-width apart. The second is that you have to land on your toes. This way your body feels like it has a spring when it lands. And if you hit the ground with your heel, then your body will be very stiff, and it is easy to cause strains on joints and other parts. Then don't let the leg bend below 90 degrees, bending below 90 degrees puts too much load on the knees and may cause you injury. When you are sprinting forward or falling from a higher place, lean forward and let your hands cushion some of the force. This allows you to bend your knees more than 90 degrees and continue running. Slight body drops can be used with this basic outdoor parkour landing.

Learn to hang arm loops.

This action is the most basic but also the most useful in the outdoor parkour game. The hanging arm loop is to roll forward so that the back passes the shoulders from the back to the front and then the feet land on the ground. The arm loop is important because it reduces the impact of your landing and turns a downward motion into a forward motion so you can quickly return to running. If you're doing a move on the right side, you can bring your right arm close to your body, then lower your head and bring your neck to your chest. Then, turn your right shoulder over and work it onto your foot. The reason for rolling the outdoor parkour diagonally is to reduce the damage to the back and spine.

Practice on top of the vault.

Outdoor parkour can help you get over obstacles in sports. The vaulted top requires you to keep moving forward as you climb over obstacles. Find a track to practice, when you run on the track, you can raise your hands against the balance, and let your legs to the right. As your knee comes up, move your right hand and let your leg dangle. Of course, you have to be able to maintain lightness and balance when the outdoor parkour lands. Do not jump from any height above your ability. Because repeated jumps from heights you can't jump from can damage your knees. Exercise must be done in advance to prevent this. Find the rhythm of the leap. You can start slowly and gradually increase the intensity. Once you've repeated that step 10 times, relax, focus on landing on the ball of your foot, and continue. Repeat that step up to 10 times, keeping it relaxed and always landing on the ball of your foot.

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