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What are the characteristics of outdoor parkour?

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Parkour is a very spectator-friendly urban sprint, a street sprint extreme sport that is a bit like free-running, the difference being that free-running is more about performance - spectacle - and parkour is about speed - practicality. Combined with the ape-like agility of climbing over the top. Some consider it to be an art. It's a feast for the eyes and ears with unexpected moves that are beyond the imagination of the common man! Parkour is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. When practice Parkour, you need to be very focused. Learning Parkour will help you understand how to overcome your fears and strengthen your ability to overcome difficulties. One is constantly improving oneself and breaking through barriers. It is similar to martial arts in that it enables the body and mind to be more resilient to emergencies through agile movement. The difference is that martial arts is a virtual fighter, while parkour is a virtual emergency escape.


l Characteristics of Parkour:

l Conclusions and recommendations for the development of parkour

l The nature of parkour:


Characteristics of Parkour:

In the world of Parkour, the practitioner is called a 'Traceur' and the movements of Parkour combine all the freedom of movement to enhance creativity and encourage people to find their own beliefs. In the realm of Parkour, many Traceurs try to express flips, spins and other unrecorded movements, which shows that Parkour is not limited to certain fixed movements and that you can even add your own "unique skills" to Parkour. Parkour's moves are free and unexpected, often beyond the imagination of the common man.


Conclusions and recommendations for the development of parkour

1. The athletic characteristics of parkour are restrictive to the age and physical condition of the practitioner, lack of mass participation and lack of a broad mass base.

2. Although parkour is not constrained by the availability of venues, its safety issues have limited its development and popularity.

3. Its movement norms and scoring system are not yet perfect, and there is still a long way to go in this path of competitive sports.


1. to build a mass base for parkour by reducing the difficulty of the movements, reducing the level of danger of the movements and expanding the age level of the practitioners, according to the local conditions of the different trainers.

2. Increase the number of protective facilities and create a practice area specific to Parkour, so that participants are less worried and more fearful, and more people are involved, accelerating the development and popularity of Parkour.

3. To standardise the movements of Parkour, form a scientific and systematic practice method and a perfect competition system to accelerate the development of Parkour in competitive sports.


The nature of parkour:

Parkour is a deeply rooted instinctive human response, an instinct for movement, a movement that requires a true warrior's spirit. Ultimately, Parkour is a natural way of training the human body to move quickly, to "use" whatever environmental facilities are available to us, an "art of movement" that requires neither special equipment nor special training.

The human body is the only tool for this sport, and for all, this is the rule of sport, as it combines all the natural abilities of the human body, such as running, jumping, climbing, etc. It is a sporting activity that develops your potential athletic abilities.

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